Waste Batteries Night Light


Introduction: Waste Batteries Night Light

My son wanted a night light and I had loads of used batteries just waiting to be recycled but I knew I could still squeeze some juice out of them so I build this with an old broken mini fan I also had lying around.

Step 1: Materials:

One broken mini fan (burned motor removed)

Three RGB Led's

Step 2:

Open the mini fan case and remove the motor and fan blade.

Solder the three Led's in parallel (all + together and all - together)

When I soldered them I used the vent holes on the fan cover to match the led's

Step 3:

Solder the old motor cables to the Led's (make sure to get the + and - cables right as Led's are polarity sensitive)

Rebuild cover and insert some used batteries in it.

Old used batteries always have some juice left in them and can last a few nights.



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    I like this, my camera batteries usually do have some good life left but not enough to power up the device, good idea and great for camping too!

    2 replies

    It is not a powerful torch but does give good light in the dark, does not heat up and can stand on its own so yes would be great for camping too.

    Thou might need to change to white LED's. My son loves the slow changing colours of the RGB LED's and it makes him fall asleep.

    One more thought too, good to have for hotel/ motel bathrooms, helps one in nighttime navigating to them.