My son wanted a night light and I had loads of used batteries just waiting to be recycled but I knew I could still squeeze some juice out of them so I build this with an old broken mini fan I also had lying around.

Step 1: Materials:

One broken mini fan (burned motor removed)

Three RGB Led's

Step 2:

Open the mini fan case and remove the motor and fan blade.

Solder the three Led's in parallel (all + together and all - together)

When I soldered them I used the vent holes on the fan cover to match the led's

Step 3:

Solder the old motor cables to the Led's (make sure to get the + and - cables right as Led's are polarity sensitive)

Rebuild cover and insert some used batteries in it.

Old used batteries always have some juice left in them and can last a few nights.

<p>I like this, my camera batteries usually do have some good life left but not enough to power up the device, good idea and great for camping too!</p>
<p>It is not a powerful torch but does give good light in the dark, does not heat up and can stand on its own so yes would be great for camping too.</p><p>Thou might need to change to white LED's. My son loves the slow changing colours of the RGB LED's and it makes him fall asleep. </p>
One more thought too, good to have for hotel/ motel bathrooms, helps one in nighttime navigating to them.

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