This must be the cheapest spaceship ever built. Two detergent bottles, some paint and we're off. 
And I bet someone will succeed in building a little battery light in the cabin.

Step 1: The Shopping List

What's needed:
Two empty (transparent) detergent bottles
Two extra caps of smaller plastic bottles (engines)
small hacksaw
masking tape
Acrylic Paint: basecoat,( I used acrylic modelling paste), black, gold, brown, copper 
very creative!!!
Nice. I have been saving blister packs, packing pieces, and odd scraps to build a space port. Now I have an idea for the space ships.
Good luck building! And make photographs during the process, so it can be an instructable
I love your stuff!
thanks for all compliments!
Nice!!! <br>
Looking good, I wouldn't have guessed it's 2 bottles joined lengthwise.

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Bio: Technics/ arts and crafts teacher at a school for mentally disordered young adults.
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