Picture of Waste in space
This must be the cheapest spaceship ever built. Two detergent bottles, some paint and we're off. 
And I bet someone will succeed in building a little battery light in the cabin.

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Step 1: The shopping list

Picture of the shopping list
What's needed:
Two empty (transparent) detergent bottles
Two extra caps of smaller plastic bottles (engines)
small hacksaw
masking tape
Acrylic Paint: basecoat,( I used acrylic modelling paste), black, gold, brown, copper 

Step 2: Shaping the bottles

Picture of shaping the bottles
Cutting the first bottle is easy. Remove the cap and neck with a hacksaw and cut the bottle vertical in two halves with scissors. We are using the part with the handle, the rest is not used. The second bottle is a bit more challenging. Make a small horizontal cut approx. 1,5 cm below the neck. then in a straight corner go down. The part removed is 1,5 cm less wide than half the bottle. The removed part will be used as cabin. Therefore it's necessary to make rounded corners at the top. Note that the cap stays on the second bottle.

Step 3: The engines

Picture of the engines
Make two holes in each extra bottle cap. Tread a tie-wrap through. Make corresponding holes in the "corner"bottom of the half bottle. Pull the tie-wrap taught. some pliers may come in handy.

Step 4: Assembling the body

Picture of assembling the body
Combine the two half bottles to create one bottle with two handles. The half bottle (down part on the photo) should overlap 1.5 cm on the bigger half with cap. Secure with two tie-wraps. One close to the cap, one center on the bottom. These are barely seen on the photo. The more visible tie-wraps are used to attach the cabin to the body. Note thet each tie-wrap goes in at the side and out on top.

Step 5: Cabin

Picture of cabin
To attach the cabin to the body use the two tie-wraps from the last step and add one more in the front near the cap. This is done before painting. This photo shows very clearly the tie-wrap on the side witch holds both half bottles together. See last step.
agis682 years ago
very creative!!!
onemoroni12 years ago
Nice. I have been saving blister packs, packing pieces, and odd scraps to build a space port. Now I have an idea for the space ships.
Good luck building! And make photographs during the process, so it can be an instructable
foobear2 years ago
I love your stuff!
Ruud van Koningsbrugge (author)  foobear2 years ago
thanks for all compliments!
Gregbot2 years ago
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Looking good, I wouldn't have guessed it's 2 bottles joined lengthwise.