Introduction: Watch Hiding Space

Picture of Watch Hiding Space
  1. print watch casing
  2. make small straps for wrist
  3. put a bottom the on watch
  4. then cut a piece of cardboard to fit the top like the second photo
  5. glue the part sticking out of the circle onto the side of the watch like the third photo

Step 1: Print Watch Casing

Picture of Print Watch Casing

Use the MakerBot to print the watch casing (Or make your own)

Step 2: Make Watch Straps

Make watch straps for your wrist (Or buy them and the watch casing)

Step 3: Glue a Bottom the Watch

glue a bottom on the watch to keep stuff from falling out (Or glue a top on the watch so it can open from the bottom)

Step 4: Cut a Piece of Cardboard

cut a piece of cardboard for the watch that fits the hole and has a flap on the side for gluing like the second photo

Step 5: Glue the Top on the Watch

Picture of Glue the Top on the Watch

Glue the top part onto the watch. glue the flap to the side of the watch so it can open.


tpbergman01 (author)2017-11-09

great idea

cmkelty01 (author)2017-11-07

Could you have a photo of the watch printed

Swansong (author)2017-11-07

That could make a good hiding place :)

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