Picture of Watch Parts as a work of art.
My very first big purchase after Air Force training camp was this $300 Bulova watch. After 12 years of service, I now give it a resting place on my desk. (It got water in it and some pieces rusted)
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Step 1: Lay out each part.

Picture of Lay out each part.

This was the most time consuming part. Dismantling the watch was easy, choosing the layout took me about an hour. I ended up not using the wristband links. I used Henkel Super Glue Gel Control to glue the pieces on card stock colored smooth finish. I started using tweezers, but for some pieces because they're magnetic, I had to use a tooth pick.

Step 2: Picking the frame.

Picture of Picking the frame.

You have to choose a frame that has some depth to it. Luckily I found one just the right size. The glass is actually right up against the largest/thickest part, which is the housing.

I also used chalkboard spay paint to give it a dark background.

Step 3: Display your work.

Picture of Display your work.

It's like a steampunk wall clock..love it :)