Introduction: Watch " STAR WARS " on Command Prompt

watching "STAR WARS" in command prompt is cool !!!!!!!!!! and easy to make

It Works in all windows

(IMPORTANT) IT Need net work connection

follow the following 5 steps to enjoy <▓&■:▓l♀Ωæεñ╨▬>

Step 1: (first Open Programs and Features)

Right click on the start

Follow as shown in the pic

Step 2: (click on Fetures On/off )

Follow as shown in the pic

Step 3: (Turn on Telnet Cilient and Telnet Server)

And click ok and save changes

Follow as shown in the pic

Step 4: (Open Command Prompt)

Right click on the start to open ( or ) open run and type " cmd " to open command prompt

Step 5: (Type the Code)

Type this ==||=========>"telnet

AND PRESS ( EnTeR ) to run

Step 6: (Have Fun)

have fun with your friends by watching star wars movie in command prompt

i will meet u in another interesting Instructables

have fun and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!

!!! ThAnK YoU !!!


yaswanth raj (author)2015-10-11

wht is the prob ??????????

plz post your cmd

Anfas (author)2015-10-06

Doesn't work....

snowy1998 (author)Anfas2015-10-10

yes it does

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