The Barbarian and Mob horde are coming you need to warn the castle but you to far away in the watch tower. You know what you need, you need a watch tower. This is a simple instuctable to compliment you awesome world.

Step 1: The Pillar

First make you stair pillar 3 blocks from the floor plain and simple.

Step 2: The Cross

Make a cross on the pillar the arms must be 2 blocks long. Then add a block in each corner.

Step 3: Box

Now make a box over the cross, the sides need to be 3 blocks long.

Step 4: Coal

Now add your first layer of coal blocks, then add 2 more with one block in the middle of the top.

Step 5: Your Done

Now just light it when the enemy is sighted. Some shots of it in use.

at night
I adapted it a bit
What is the seed for this world because it looks pretty fancy!
<p>um yeah dont use it on a wood watchtower</p>
I tries doing the coal bit on the floor but then i realised it burnt everything around it
<p>I prefer coal so I dont have to put it out</p>
Why not use metherrack? It burns forever

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