Watch Tower Beacon





Introduction: Watch Tower Beacon

The Barbarian and Mob horde are coming you need to warn the castle but you to far away in the watch tower. You know what you need, you need a watch tower. This is a simple instuctable to compliment you awesome world.

Step 1: The Pillar

First make you stair pillar 3 blocks from the floor plain and simple.

Step 2: The Cross

Make a cross on the pillar the arms must be 2 blocks long. Then add a block in each corner.

Step 3: Box

Now make a box over the cross, the sides need to be 3 blocks long.

Step 4: Coal

Now add your first layer of coal blocks, then add 2 more with one block in the middle of the top.

Step 5: Your Done

Now just light it when the enemy is sighted. Some shots of it in use.



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    What is the seed for this world because it looks pretty fancy!

    I tries doing the coal bit on the floor but then i realised it burnt everything around it

    Why not use metherrack? It burns forever