Watch or Listen to your Media anywhere with an internet connection

Picture of Watch or Listen to your Media anywhere with an internet connection
This tutorial will show you how to create an mp3 server and a website that houses Flash videos (FLV's)
Like the ones you see on Youtube.com.
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Step 1: What you will need

This tutorial assumes you have high speed internet access, who doesn't nowadays?
First you will need to download some things If you have Windows XP Pro you don't need the first Item on the list which is purely the Web Server.

1. A Web server program WAMP, XAMP, APACHE, or if you have XP PRO you have IIS.
I have IIS but i prefer to use WAMP because it adds some extra tools for other projects

2. The Next is your Mp3 Server. This is Vibe Streamer probably the most awesome software I could find on the net very simple install etc. Vibe Streamer

3. The free flv player for your website. JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER 3.16, gotta love the CC license (Creative Commons). JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER 3.16

4. A free Web template or if you know html go ahead and fire up.
1. Free CSS
2. Open Source Web Design

5. Program to convert your existing Videos to FLV format easily. Make sure you download the Free Riva FLV Encoder Free FLV

Step 2: Port Setup

Picture of Port Setup
1. We have to set up port forwarding on the router so every thing can get out to the Internet. Keep in mind allowing these ports specific access does allow vulnerabilities to exist in your network. I would recommend using an older computer that you don't care about for your Mp3 and Video Server.

The images below will show which ports:
1. Port 80 for the web server.
2. Port 8081 for the Vibe Streamer (Mp3).

Obviously I have some extra ports on there. I could have Included how to access your computer from anywhere via the Internet but that would have mad this even longer :)

stegbizzy5 years ago
Or you could just store all your music onto a large portable hard-drive, take it with you & plug it into whatever computer your planning to use (?)
gergtreble7 years ago
Nice homebrew way of doing it. But you can take the effort away by just using OrbOrb.
Yes orb is super easy and works very well.