hello internet people. If your like me your a bit paranoid. You will want to be able to watch your room for intruders when your out. Cameras that can be accessed from smart phones are expensive. This instructable will teach you how to use things you most likely already have to create a video feed that you can watch from your smart phone, computer, or tablet.

example of a commercially available camera on one of my favorite websites

Step 1: You Will Need

you will need 
- a computer with a web cam and internet acces 
- smartphone, tablet or another computer with internet acces
- a google account
- a bit of time

this same idea can be adapted to use many setups but the one i use is
- macbook with wyse pocket cloud and photo booth
- an iphone with wyse pocket cloud (we will talk about this later)

Step 2: Wyse Pocket Cloud Download

This program is the secret sause of this project. This application that can be downloaded for free from the app store on an iphone. When you open the application click start and it will prompt you to enter your google account info. It will then send you an email with a link to download the software for your computer for free. just for kicks ill put the link here.
It's rather simple to instal just follow the installer prompts.

you also need to have acces to an account with a pasword on a mac not sure about pc. to set up a pasword go to:
-system preferences
-click your account
-click add pasword

Step 3: Set Up

Follow the prompts and enter your google account info.

Then open photo booth or a similar program. This is all you need to do from your computer. Set your computer in a place were you can see the whole room

Now from your phone you can acces your computer using wyse pocket cloud. (see pics for specifics)

Step 4: Done

There you have it. You can now view your room from anywhere with your smartphone. It's laggy, but it's free. There is only about a 3 second delay. Which is really good, in my opinion.
I like this idea captiin, but I do not have an iPhone or other Apple products - I guess it won't work on any other OS, right? I'm sure I could set this up correctly by following your steps.<br> <br> If I may make a constructive suggestion, though, your Instructable (not &quot;intractable&quot;) would be easier to read if you edit it to follow standard grammar (capitals, punctuation, &quot;you're&quot;, sentence construction, etc) and spelling. For instance, your first paragraph would read better like this:<br> <br> <em>&quot;<u>H</u>ello <u>I</u>nternet people<u>. I</u>f you<u>'re</u> like me you<u>'re</u> a bit paranoid and want to be able to watch your room for intruders when you're out<u>.&nbsp;However, </u><strike>but</strike> cameras that can be accessed from smart phones are expensive so this <u>Instructable</u> will teach you how to use things you most likely already have to create a video feed that you can watch from your smart phone, computer, or tablet.&quot;&nbsp;</em><br> <br> Another paragraph should be like this:<br> <br> <em>&quot;<u>T</u>his program is the secret <u>sauce</u> of this project<u>;</u> this is what makes it all come together. <u>T</u>his application <strike>that </strike>can be downloaded <strike>for </strike>free from the app store on an i<u>P</u>hone<u>. W</u>hen you open the application<u>,</u> click <u>S</u>tart and it will prompt you to enter your Google account info<u>. T</u>hen it will send you an email with a link to&nbsp;download the <u>free</u> software for your computer <strike>for free</strike>. <u>J</u>ust for kicks,&nbsp;<u>I'</u>ll put the link here.&quot;</em>
It can be used on mac and windows. Sorry for my poor grammar. My brain tends to turn off over the summer.
Sure, but not on Windows-based phones, right?<br>As I mentioned, the grammar thing was just to help with increasing the readability of your Instructable (and any future writing). Capitals at the beginning of sentences are a biggy for helping with ease of reading. What you might like to do is write it all out then paste it across to have Microsoft Word check the spelling and grammar for you.<br>Cheers,<br>finton
I believe the application is only available on iphones and android phones at the moment. http://www.wyse.com/mobile

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