Picture of Watchmen Rorschach Costume with Changing Mask
I would say that overall this costume is easy to put together and to wear.  The hard part is getting all of the clothing together.  I will say that the mask is the hardest part by far.  But it was not all that difficult to make.  It just takes some time and effort.

This costume is not exactly comic book or movie accurate, but it is kind of a merging of the two looks.  Despite the popularity of Watchmen, it was kind of hard to find good reference images for figuring out the specific colors of some items of clothing.  (For example, sometimes Rorschach's pants look black while other times bright purple.  It just depends on lighting conditions.)

If you are lucky enough, you might be able to find most of this costume in a thrift store, garage sale, or at Goodwill.  This would cut down the cost significantly.  I live in a small town in Louisiana, so I did not have a large selection of clothing that fit my needs.  Because of this, I had to turn to the Internet for my items.

Also, this costume was made in a rush, so there are a few steps that I forgot to take pictures for.
freepancho2 years ago
This is really cool! I will definently use this in reference for my costume, however my only complaint is this appears to be based on the movie not the book. In the book he wears purple pinstripe pants, black gloves, and a brown fedora with a slightly darker ribbon. But over all great job, very cool and very well put together!
jpoopdog2 years ago
oh wow such relief, the thermochromic pigment i sell on eBay has that stupid pink tinge as well as the ridiculously expensive pigment from paintwithpearls.

still, pretty good job.
Instead of reading the entire comic, i advise going to the video store and renting the watchmen motion comic, it goes for 4-8 hours all up, but still, just like watching the movie all over again, only in greater detail being as its the comic with basic motion animation for effect, and being completely voiced, though it also has the speech bubbles and captions just as in the comic, which doesnt make sense to include english subtitles, but they did anyway.

I must hurry up with my own animated rorschach mask and costume, even though yours isnt exactly graphically perfect, im still super jealous!
skittlespider (author)  jpoopdog2 years ago
Yeah, I wish it would turn completely white, but the effect definitely works!

I look forward to seeing your Rorschach!
This is an amazing Rorschach costume. He's my favorite in the comic. :D
skittlespider (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks! He was my favorite character from the movie. I've been meaning to read the comic one of these days.