Step 5: Making the Mask (Part 3 - Painting)

Picture of Making the Mask (Part 3 - Painting)
I started with the smaller of the ink blot designs.  I tried to center it onto the face area to the best of my ability.  Then I painted both halves with plain black fabric paint.  I waited for the paint to dry overnight to make sure I didn't mess up the ink blot design.

For the second ink blot design, I chose one that had a similar shape to the first, but was larger and could contain the first design inside of itself.  Then I put the stencil in place.  This time I only painted the areas where the white of mask material was exposed.  This was because the first design would always be black, so there was no sense in wasting the color changing paint.  I painted both sides of the second design and left it to dry for a while.

Unfortunately, the layer of color changing paint was a little thin, so it looked gray instead of black when it dried.  So I put another thin coat on top of it and let that dry.  After that I just had to touch up a few small portions of the design that still looked a little gray.  I accidentally touched up one side a little too much, so I had to even the design out to maintain symmetry.  It ended up being a big blob when I was finished instead of the design I planned ...