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Introduction: Watchmen Scrambled Eggs

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Le Creuset Brunch Challenge

Want to surprise that special nerd in your life with breakfast in bed?  Try making eggs or pancakes that look like they were shoot in the head.  What could be more romantic?

Scrap aluminum, or any thin, bendy metal
Silicone putty
Jewelry wire
Canola spray
Eggs or pancake batter

Wire Cutter
Binder clip
Sharp carving knife

Step 1: Make Frame

  • Cut a 1" strip of aluminum 15" long
  • Line up with copy of picture and form circle
  • Hold together with a clip
  • Punch out 4 sets of holes across from each other with a hammer and nail
  • Thread wire through and bend to hold in place

Step 2: Make Face

  • Form eyes, mouth and bullet wound out of silicone putty
  • Line up eyes and mouth under wires
  • Mix more silicone putty and place over existing pieces to hold in place
  • To make the bullet wound a touch higher than the rest, place cardboard under pieces before affixing to wire. 
  • Use super sharp knife to cut line through eye piece so the eggs will to join both sides of the blood spatter

    Note: I made this trying to create the outline for the blood spatter, but to be honest, it really didn't do much and is probably no worth the added effort.  Stick to the eyes and mouth, and just add ketchup at the end.

Step 3: Handle

  • Bend and wrap enough wire to form a handle
  • Attach to sides of the form
  • Wrap some silicone putty around the middle to avoid unpleasant burning

Step 4: Cook Eggs

  • Generously spray mold with non-stick cooking spray
  • Place mold on heated frying pan
  • Pour in egg mixture and allow to cook until edges look dry and the eggs are stable enough to remove from the mold
  • Flip eggs to cook the other side for a minute
  • Place on plate and add ketchup or Tabasco sauce in the outline of the bullet wound.  And while that is one of the most unappetizing directives you can find, this is still a fun one : )



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Is this from the three legged chicken the woman ordered in the cafe? ;)

Welldone this is awesome...

This is a great project! But instead of "Scrabbled eggs" do you mean "Scrambled eggs"?

Hmm...but now I am wondering what 'Scrabbled' eggs would look like...

Maybe scrambled eggs with letters on them made with a mold kind of like the Watchmen eggs. That would be an excellent project!


Four pieces of toast with E, G, G and S written on them in egg shapes. It would score eight points :)

Thank you for the edit! I posted this really late at night, plus I had probably been playing Scrabble minutes earlier : )

Wow! Intense. I would probably just end up cutting it to look like the final thing instead of the whole mold, but incredible work!

Thanks! And yes, half way through that occurred to me : )
Individual cutters may be easier for eggs, but I think this may work best for pancakes. I'll be able to report back on that soon!