The 4th of July has come and gone and my neighborhood, like many, celebrated our Nation's independence with a cookout, fireworks and, of course, a huge water balloon war! We spent hours dragging multiple hoses around, picking them up, filling a balloon, putting them down, tying a balloon, repeat. Water everywhere as you try to stop the flow and the hose goes off on its own. All this for a 5 minute battle.

I knew there had to be a better way so I sketched out this little beauty which allows 4 people to fill at the same time, from the same hose and from a stable platform. It is sized to be used while sitting in a typical lawn chair, which also happens to be a nice height for the smaller kids to stand at a station and help or just play in the water.

Cost for the basic stand was less than $20, I added some optional features which added another $12. It took about 90 minutes to make all the cuts and glue it up.

Ready? Let's get to it!

Step 1: Parts List

All the parts listed below came from my local Lowes so those are the numbers listed. These are very generic PVC parts and can be picked up at any home improvement store.

1 - Apollo 3/4" PVC drip irrigation female adapter, #194629 - $1.81 ea

4 - Apollo 3/4" PVC drip irrigation male adapter, #194636 - $1.48 ea

1 - American Valve 3/4 socket in-line ball valve, #21485 - $3.17 ea

2 - Lasco 3/4" 90 degree elbow, #23868 - $0.29 ea

3 - Lasco 3/4" end cap, #23896 - $0.46 ea

6 - Lasco 3/4" tee, #23874 - $0.47 ea

1 - Charlotte Pipe 3/4x10' pipe, #23971 - $1.69 ea

Total $17.37

<p>Independence Day update. We filled right at 1,000 water balloons in just over 2 hours with this device for our neighborhood cookout this year!!</p>
This is great. I added a ball valve in the opposite leg to help flush and drain.
<p>The second ball valve is a great modification!! You could also put another male hose connector on the end of the extra valve and daisy-chain a couple of the fill stations for a really big balloon fight! Thanks!</p>
wish i had one if these as a kid.
<p>Hmm this gives me an idea. How well do you think this would work if this was scaled up to make a sort of car port that I could pull my car into, and have the nozzles directed at the car so I could rinse it clean of the road grime and salt after the daily commute?</p>
<p>Nice idea but I think if you wanted it big enough to wash down a car you would need more nozzles which would require more pressure than a garden hose attached to the house. With all 4 nozzle on this open the pressure drops significantly. Still plenty to fill water balloons but not enough to clean a vehicle.</p>
This is perfect!
<p>This is excellent! The small nozzle makes it so much more functional. :D</p>
<p>Thank you! The durability factor went way up too. I plan on getting years of use out of it.</p>

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