Water Balloon Launch Pad





Introduction: Water Balloon Launch Pad

It's 108° today so we made our own water balloon launcher! If you've ever tried the 3-man balloon launchers you know how fun this can be. Launching balloons at 100+ miles per hour can be quite a thrill. Well now you don't need find 2 grown-ups to hold the launcher and a 3rd person to shoot it. With this stand you can shoot all the balloons you want all by yourself. (You can put the 2 grown-ups in the line of fire and see if they can dodge it!)

Don't have a water balloon launcher? We have an Instructable for that too. Water Balloon Launcher.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Materials Needed:
(4) 2"x3"x8' boards. These are sold at lumber yards as fence rails.
(2) 12"x36"x3/4" pieces of plywood
(8) 1.5" deck screws
(2) 3" deck screws

Tools Needed:
Cordless Drill/Driver

Step 2: Connect the Legs

Connect the legs by stacking one 2x3 on top of another 2x3 with the ends offset by 4 inches. Screw them together with a 3" deck screw.

Step 3: Attach the Cross Braces

Attach the first 12x36 piece of plywood 12 inches from the pivot point of the legs with 4 1.5" deck screws. Attach the second 12x36 piece of plywood 4 inches from the free end of the legs with 4 1.5" deck screws.

Step 4: Attach Launcher

Attach the launcher to the top of the legs.

Step 5: Bombs Away!

This Instructable is brought to you by Tinnus Technology.



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    I built one of these for a recent Boy Scout Camporee. I used some latex hose from Lowe's and a funnel for the launch basket. It was a huge hit. Thanks for the plans!

    Well I guess when you say 1/2" vinyl tubing you mean the inside diameter, I got 1/2" with 3/8" inside diameter and there is no friggen way the vinyl tubing will fit through it! Back to the hardware store manana....

    I guess this could be used to send balloons of paint onto offensive billboards.

    I NEED MAKE IT *--*

    The neighbours would be happy!

    Anchor the construction! The bungee can it pull down and fall to child.

    That is awesome. I would of loved to launch balloons at my neighbors house when i was younger! :D

    Reminds me of the video where the watermelon hits the woman in the face:

    Anyway...very nice instructable.

    Remind me never to have a water bomb fight with you!

    Also you could put snow balls in there