Step 7: Attach Surgical Tubing

Insert the surgical tubing through the vinyl tubing channels and tie each one together with a square knot.
<p>Great idea! Do you know how much force and/or energy you got out of this design? Thanks.</p>
<p>This is a great idea for a handy man looking to have some fun. I wouldn't just want to trust surgical tubing and duct tape when there are plenty of ready made water balloon launchers out there. This one looks pretty good. http://www.frattoys.com/400-yard-water-balloon-launcher.html.</p>
Nice intructable! Is there a McMaster-Carr number for the vinyl tubing? Or could you tell me how flexible it is and the inside diameter, wall thickness, etc? Otherwise, I have everything I need, Bwaaahaaahaaa!
Cool, thx!
that part number shows lots of different tubing, what diameter do I need to go into the vinyl tubing??
The part number is 5234K75. The tubing is 1/4&quot; ID and 7/16 OD. Thanks!<br>TInnus Technology
What do you think of using Exercise Bands in place of the latex rubber surgical tubing?<br>http://www.bodylastics.com/allproducts/<br>
well done! i might try to convert this to a rifle-type launcher.

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