Hello everybody!

I was trying to find some cheap material to buil a new bass box to my car sound system, then it came to me: I find a water bottle near a trash container. Immediately I imagine that I could use it in my new project.
This instructable is the result of this project.
Excluding the price of the subwoofer (I already have it), all the project cost me US$15

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And please! Rate it! Thanks!

Step 1: List of Material

1 Subwoofer 12" (inches) diameter
1 Water bottle 12" diameter (maybe you'll need more if your subwoofer requires)
Acrilic blanket (enough to coat inner side of the bass box)
Perforated Hanger Iron
8 Small Corner brace
8 long bolts with nuts and washer
1 smal bolt with nut and washers to tighten the perforated hanger iron
1 female P10 mono connector
1 male P10 mono connector
two way cable
Silicone Glue to seal

screw driver
soldering iron

<p>no i got etter idea</p>
I have to point out that there's several degrees of working, when it comes to audio.<br>You'd have a much louder woofer and way less distortion if you used plywood of mdf. Plywood is actually better than mdf, since it's stiffer, and will distort less.
By plywood you mean marine grade 11-13 ply Baltic birch plywood which is extremely expensive. If you think you're going to make a decent box with no flex out of home depot C/C plywood you're sorely mistaken. <br>
what he said ^
dats pretty epic
That's the point. Everybody says that it only works with MDF or wood,but it works very well with a acrilic jar just because it doesn't deform, just like MDF.
its not that it &quot;only works&quot; with mdf, its simply the fact that the resonant frequency is lower. in this build, the plastic being used has a higher resonant frequency, which influences the sound to a very large extent. especially when used in a sealed enclosure. if your not going for sound quality, use this. if you want high quality bass, then use something with a lower resonant frequency.
if you dont like it DONT DO IT <br>(im going to use mdf too)
I currently have a 12&quot; sub in my trunk mounted in a 5 gallon home depot paint bucket that i bout for like $2 super easy to find anywhere
Thank you for your comment. Why don't you publish a instructable?
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Hey an amp (turns all the nobs on max and plays a note) BOOOOOOOOOM!!! (phone rings) Marty is that you? Yes Doc it's me. Marty meet me a Pine Woods Mall at 1:20 tomorrow. Ok, Doc what for? No time to explain, ohh and p.s dont turn the amp up on max. Ok, i'll keep that in mind (mean while it's recked)
ha ha back to the future
I haven't done one myself but I hear that the concrete form tubes make decent speaker tubes as well...
it looks like u dont have anywear for the recoil of the sound the backside of bass speakers are just as importain as the front output , what is the black foamy looking stuff thats surounding the magnet it may work tons better if you hooked your seaker threw the screw holes provided an not cutting off its recoil area as when you do that your streesing the fabric that is producing your sound
Do you use a blanket that is made of acrylic, or a like a spray on acrylic?
Is a fiber or kind of wool made of acrilic<br>http://www.panoxadrez.com.br/lojas/00005983/prod/mantab.JPG<br>also know as Perlon(tm).
Cool, I hope I can find an old water jug somewhere. Do you have any ideas where I could find one?<br>
Try to find a beverage distributor.
Congratulations. If the result is good, this is great!

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