Have you ever forgotten to bring your water bottle when you went hiking, backpacking or walking?  Have you forgotten you water bottle and are going to work on a roof, ladder, scaffolding?  If you have then you have to stop at a store to buy a standard 16.9 oz water bottle or 24ozGatorade.  Where do you put it?  You want to have water by your side.  The water bottle you were going to use had a handy dandy cord that could tie on your wrist or belt loop for easy carrying.

Do you need or want an easy hands-free way to carry a standard store bought bottle of water or Gatorade?  Do you want to know what WCOA means?  Do you like to save money and have cool devises that catch peoples’ eyes?  Continue reading to answer these questions and more.

The Story
Last summer I was in a variety store at the beach.  One of the money sucking touristy items, that caught my eye, was a water bottle holder, which clips onto your belt, belt-loop, waist band, etc.  I thought it was cool.  I picked it up and looked it over.  I put it back down because I didn’t like their design.  The primary design flaw was it came with a cord stopper which is a poor choice for this application.  Sure they are easy to remove from the bottle neck, but they are weak under a load.  Furthermore it was being sold at the beach so it was overpriced.  I knew I could make a better designed and less costly one when I returned home.  Here is my rendition of a Water Bottle Belt Hanger, or what my daughter calls WCOA (pronounced Wa-CO-ah) Waterbottle Carrier of Awesomeness.

The benefits of this design are:
1)  It is easy to make with on hand items.
2)  The Arbor knot is easy to loosen, tighten (See Step 6) and sits completely around the neck of the bottle, where as the cord stopper is a loose fit.
3)  The Arbor knot will not slip off should you start to run, jump or shake around.
4)  It can be modified to fit a multitude of bottle neck sizes from standard 16.9water bottle to 24oz Gatorade.
5)  Can be used on a roof, ladder, scaffolding, biking, walking, hiking or anywhere you want to have store bought water or Gatorade by your side.

Step 1: Materials

1)  About 11” of Cord - Shoe lace, Paracord, string,
2)  Spring Link (aka A Carabiner) or Snap Hook and
3)  Water bottle.

Scissor or Knife (not shown)

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
3-5 minutes
Just what I was looking for! Thanks!
You did a great job! Thank you for posting your finished project. Keep on DYI’ing.
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