Water Bottle Dirt Bike Noise for Bike!!




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Introduction: Water Bottle Dirt Bike Noise for Bike!!

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Have you ever wanted to make that dirt bike noise on your bike, while recycling? Well here ya go. This idea came by accident when I tried to stop my friends bike by jamming a water bottle in the back tire.

Step 1: Materials

Water bottle

(well that was hard)

Step 2: Insertion?

Just jam the bottle in the back tire like in the pic.



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    this is another good idea, you could use a pokemon card, anyone with a little brother generally has at least one pokemon card

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    it is a waste of good cards do not use pokemon cards ever use normal playing cards

    this works too if you put a pop can in sideways.

    Sure I can't get to box at the center, but I can still read it: " ha ha" ... That was a waste of time...

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    BECAUSE I'M AWESOME! No... Really... Page source code.

    don't get it!

    page source code

    right click, view page source, 'bout half way down.

    OR, if in google chrome, click the wrench>Tools>View Source Code, OR Ctrl+U.

    i second that
    it does say 'ha ha'

    how do you read the box in the center

    i have a tablet pc so jokes on you