Picture of Water Bottle Kayak with Outrigger
 Ok, ok, this is a first instructable that I'm going to be publishing here and I hope that it isn't my last. This is going to be something like a journal / part instructable, so please bear with me.

And now, I'm proud to present to you all.........


UPDATE January  9, 2010; Guam Time: I just found that this instructable just got FEATURED!! I'm soo happy :D

UPDATE June 26, 2010: Today, I finally received my Popular Science June issue and when I was just looking though the How 2.0 Section, guess what I found? I found my kayak!! :D I didn't even knew that it was going to be in this issue [ but I did have an idea of when it would come out ] this makes me so happy that I published this in Instructables. This update may seem a little late, but this makes me so HAPPY!!! :D

Step 1: November 9, 2009 - Monday

There I was, helping out with my old middle school's volleyball team, when, all out of a sudden, my Spanish teacher, Senor O' Connor comes out of nowhere and he spots me. "Oh, no, what did I do to make him come here?" In the past, I would ask him for anything and everything from a pen to a motherboard. Then he asked me " Hey Chris, I know that you like to make/build things. Would you like to enter the recyclable boat race? I already sent your mom all the information." After he left, my mind was running with all these ideas and I kept getting hit with the volleyballs for idling...

After I got to my mom's room (with is just about 100 ft from the gym), I asked her to check her e-mail. When we finally found Senior O' Connor's e-mail. Basically, it said that the race is on November 15, 2009 and it was going to be at the Marianas Yacht Club at 11:00 pm to 1:00 pm. It was Monday afternoon which gives me less than a week to plan and build a kayak. I was sooooo pumped from that I started to come up with ideas. I have been on Instructables for awhile now and I know of several rafts. Now was the planning stage of the legendary "HUNK O' JUNK!!!!" 

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Welcome to the world of makers and tinkerers!! i'm always glad when someone makes a new able. keep up the good work.
MrL33TPenguin (author)  thedubbedmime5 years ago
 Thanks! I will keep up my work :D
IX Smith XI5 years ago
If you try covering the bottles with some trap you may have lest drag and also getting the boat out of the water as much as you can help to.
led2355 years ago
 I most certainly hope this isnt your last instructable!!!!
great job!!!
MrL33TPenguin (author)  led2355 years ago
 Thanks! I sure hope that it isn't!
MariaEdna5 years ago

Nice work Chris!  I am so proud of you!  Keep up the good work and continue to create things with your God given talent and imagination.  You rock!

MariaEdna5 years ago
 I love that you're winging it and just working with whatever you have at the time. :D
MrL33TPenguin (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
 Thanks a lot! :D
station4205 years ago
Love it!  Any chance you could rig a sail on it?
MrL33TPenguin (author)  station4205 years ago
 I was at first, but I didn't know how the rigging worked, so I didn't use the sail, but now, I'm going to try to rig again. 
paganwonder5 years ago

Awesome first effort!   Welcome to the community of Re-Use, Recycle, Up-cycle and Re-configure!!!   (you'll love it here)  Plus, you show signs of great instructables to come!

pashanoid5 years ago
This is a great project. Thanks!
rimar20005 years ago
Great idea, congratulations!
MrL33TPenguin (author)  rimar20005 years ago
 Thanks! :D
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