A simple, hand-held plant waterer you can make with any water bottle.

Tools Needed:
- Drill [or anything that makes nice, small holes]
- Hot Glue Gun ['or waterproof glue']
- Aquarium Tubing [drinking straws work too]
- Water Bottle

Step 1: Diagram

This diagram is really all you need to build one of these.

Imagine this picture without the "air in" tube, and you have yourself a basic waterer.

The problem with that setup is that air cannot get into the bottle without having to push its way through the water hose. That's why you get that gurgling sound when you empty a water bottle too fast.

The addition of an air tube allows the water to come out quite quickly.

Note that the air tube extends all the way to the bottom of the bottle. When you tip the water toward the bottle cap, the pocket of air moves to the back, and it can escape only through the tube.

By placing an air tube in the cap, you make it universal. You can screw the cap on any bottle that fits and begin using it as a waterer!

(Caution: clean the sugar water out of your bottle before watering. Plants don't like Gatorade)

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