Water Bottle Ramen Noodles


Introduction: Water Bottle Ramen Noodles

Years ago I rented an apartment. Walking past a neighbor's front porch one day, I noticed a plastic water bottle that was different from any other water bottle I had ever seen because it was full of Ramen noodles! One of the roofers there that day must have brought it for his lunch and set it there in the sun to keep warm.

How clever! Right? It was one of those things that makes you ask, "Why didn't I think of that?".

Well, I didn't either, but I have remembered it and appreciate it for its simplicity and cleverness. And I just really enjoy the image of the noodles in the bottle!

It is easy to prepare in less than five minutes, but it is something you would want to get ready in the morning before work to eat during your lunch break or at the earliest for a mid-morning snack because the noodles need time to soak up the water.

So, follow these simple steps to make your own water bottle Ramen noodles.

You will need:
1 package of Ramen noodles
water bottle
quart size plastic storage bag
liquid measuring cup

Step 1: Empty Water Bottle

Start with an empty water bottle.

Step 2: Bag Dry Noodles

Place the dry noodles in a quart sized plastic storage bag.

Step 3: Crush the Noodles

Break apart the noodles inside the bag.

Step 4: Transfer Noodles to Measuring Cup

Transfer noodles from plastic bag into a measuring cup that has a spout that will allow you to pour evenly.

Step 5: Pour Noodles Into Water Bottle

Wrap one hand around the very top of the water bottle to act as a sort of funnel to help get the noodles in as you pour them from the measuring cup. Pour slowly to avoid spilling.

Step 6: Add Vegetable and Spice Packets

Use the funnel to pour the vegetable and spice packets into the bottle.

Step 7: Pour in Water

Fill the measuring cup with about two cups of hot water. Pour water into bottle.

Step 8: Shake, Shake, Shake

Gently shake the bottle to distribute spices. Then top off with water.

Step 9: Let the Sun Heat Your Noodles

Set the water bottle in the sun while you work outside or even in the hot car while you work inside to warm up your lunch.

Step 10: Squeeze Bottle to Eat

Squeeze the top of the bottle to eat the noodles.

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    what made you think of makeing this


    Hello, thanks for your instructable.

    I think is better with a bottle of glass.

    Plastic Pet bottle and warm not is good idea.


    This idea is amazing. I want to try it myself

    Thank you! Now I don't need to do as many dishes!

    interesting idea and great post!!! Never thought... here is another idea... It may be easier since you don't need to crush the noodle and no need water bottle. Just open the one side and take out the spice and veggie packs. Open them and put them back in the ramen pack. Then pour hot water in ramen pack. (If you don't have hot water, just leave longer) Tie the open side and leave it for 5 mins. You are all set. This method works for the ramen noodle that the author presented. I am from the country where this ramen noodle is invented. :) when i was in army, i did this all the time for snack. Lately i did this when i go backpacking. Only down side is careful about not flipping it over or pocking a hole. :)

    2 replies

    My bag melted...

    Thank you for your comment and thanks to your country for inventing my favorite ramen!

    Haha just take this to work or school and you got a great lunch

    1 reply

    This is absolutely genius. Being a welder, I could just make two of these and leave them in the shop while I'm working and eat em as a stack between projects. That's brilliant

    1 reply

    Thank you for reading my Instructable. I like your floating shelf. Congratulations on the contest!

    Some kind of glass bottle would be better for this, plastic bottles can leach chemicals when they're microwaved or hot water is put in them.

    1 reply

    And I thought slurping the noodles out of a bowl was the funniest way to eat them.

    1 reply