Water Bottle Rocket

Picture of Water Bottle Rocket
Materials Needed

1. 2 Soda Bottles (2L)
2. Construction Paper
3. Tennis Ball
4. String (yarn or something that is durable)
5. Large Garbage Bag
6. Shoe Box (tough, preferably cardboard)
7. Scissors
8. Tape
9. Glue Gun
10. Water
11. **Baby Powder (picture 1)

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Step 1:

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clean out your soda bottles. And cut off the bottom and top ends of ONE (picture 2).

Step 2:

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 putting aside the bottles… take a shoebox and, with your scissors, fashion 3 even triangles/ diamond shaped, wings for your rocket 

Step 3:

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Glue the wings onto the main bottle & body of your rocket **note: it will be easier and more durable to glue the wings onto a straight solid strip of cardboard before the body (picture 4) Glue wings and ½ a bottle onto your main body (picture 5)

Step 4:

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Setting the rocket aside, start designing a parachute for your tennis ball. Using the garbage bag cut a large, even shape into the bag 

Step 5:

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Take your string and place several strips evenly around the perimeter of the circle 

Step 6:

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Make a harness for your tennis ball with the string. Strategically glue the parachute and tennis ball together

Step 7:

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Make an aerodynamic cone for the top of your rocket using construction paper OR another soda bottle. Make sure this cone can fall off when the time comes for the parachute to be released

Step 8:

for extra insurance, apply a bit of baby powder onto the parachute. Place the tennis ball and parachute inside the top, cut, portion of the rocket. Make sure that the parachute is not packet tight or else it will not release when the time comes

Step 9:

 fill up soda bottle ½ of the way with water and shoot!
Kiteman3 years ago

We have a sudden rash of water-rockets. I'm guessing it's a school project?

Have you all seen the relevant groups:

lemonie3 years ago

This is pretty good - can you fill-in pictures for the aerodynamic cone, and the fully-complete thing?


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