Water Bottle Siphon Pump





Introduction: Water Bottle Siphon Pump

I was helping my brother do an oil change on his motorcycle yesterday, he accidentally added a little too much oil. So instead of going through the hassle of draining and refilling the oil, I decided it would be easier to pull out some from the dipstick hole. I came up with this easy to make water bottle siphon pump using what I had on hand. It worked great we removed around 200ml of 10w40 motor oil and it only took a minute or two to do. Since motor oil is very viscous I imagine it would work even better with less viscous liquids.

Step 1: Parts and Setup

All you need is an empty water bottle, a Philips head screwdriver, and a straw. It is important to make sure the screwdriver is slightly smaller than the straw. Poke the screwdriver through the cap of the water bottle from the bottom towards the top, then push the straw into the cap from the bottom. If done correctly this should make a water tight seal. The length of straw that is in the bottle determines how much liquid you will be able to siphon out before you have to remove the cap and empty the bottle. To use gently squeeze the bottle then release and repeat, It works just like a turkey baster.



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    very simple but effective and easy to make

    Excellent in its simplicity

    Simple and efficient! Nice!

    This is brilliant in it simplicity. Nicely done!

    Awesome, with a few mods I will never get the after taste of gas!