Introduction: Water Colour Prank

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This is a simple yet funny prank

Step 1: Materials

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-a tap (the front must be able to screw off)
-gel or powder food colouring

Liquid food colouring wont work cus it will drip through

Step 2: Setting It Up

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Turn the front end off , put the food colouring in and turn it back on

Step 3: Executing the Prank

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Get a victim and let them turn the tap


craftclarity (author)2014-06-17

Simple....and GROSS!!!

C-R-E-8 (author)2014-06-16

Thats the thing about powder or gel foodcolouring its cheap an if the front end has mesh on the colour can rinse out

crazygator (author)2014-06-16

What ever yall do don't use egg tablets I had seen someone use those on another instructable and i did it correctly and it blew up the sink and my parent s weren't very happy

C-R-E-8 (author)2014-06-15

I wil try putting this in the shower head

watchmeflyy (author)2014-06-15


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