It gets down right cold and it is tuff to keep our bottle water from becoming freezing cold. So, I came up with the idea of using my daughter’s sweatshirts aka hoodie. It won’t keep the bottles from freezing in my neck of the woods; but I am hoping it will help others that are on cusp of freezing weather.

Also if you are tired of looking at a typical water cooler - add a hoodie.

Step 1: 5 Gallon Water Bottle

I not sure what is the standard size, but we receive 5 gallon bottles for our cooler, it actually we use it as a dispenser - we are not into really cold water.

It is approximately 11 inches in diameter and 20 inches tall.

Step 2: Small Hoodie

Not too much too it - other than picking what style of hoodie you want, I used what I had and it’s a size small.

Step 3: Other Photos

When it gets really cold we bring our water inside to store.

Just wanted to add some other photos.

<p>I guess they do make cozies for tea kettles. This is just a larger, colder vessel. It deserves some apparel as well. High school spirit is good, but a nice ugly sweater for the holidays would be perfect.</p>
Thank you for viewing my instructable.<br>It actually started out functional, then it took off from there. I like where your head is at with the ugly sweater idea.<br><br>Thanks for the idea
<p>make a scary face for the hoodie too!</p>
I did this without letting my wife know. <br>You probably heard the scream. I like the idea of a head.<br>Thanks for the comment and viewing my instructables<br>Warmly <br>Scott<br>
well, that's amazing!
I am glad you like it.<br><br>My imagination runs a little wild. Never sure what people will think. <br>Thank you for your comment and viewing my instructables.<br><br>Warmly<br>Scott<br>

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