This can work nice for a trap or in someones house


Tnt (as many as you like)
A button or lever
An iron block
An ice block
Blocks for the floor and/or wall

Step 1: Body

Place an iron block on the ground and a packed ice block on top of it

Step 2: Trigger

Ad a button or a lever to the front

Step 3: Dig a Holes Below the Watercooler for the TNT

Dig as many holes as you like under and to the sides of the water cooler.

There must be a tnt block that touches the bottom of the water cooler

Step 4: Cpver It Up

Cover the TNT up with a nice floor and wall or if you build it in someones house cover it up with the same blocks

Step 5: Victim

Get a unsespecting victim

Step 6: BOOOM!!!

Stand back and let him press the button and BOOOOOM!!!

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