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Nothing is more frustrating than going from point A to point B with a huge impediment in the way. Enter the Water Cup Prank. In this prank, we simply fill up a bunch of paper cups with water (or any other liquid you think would be humorous) and place them strategically in front of either a door or even the pathway to a person's desk, or on the way to the coffee machine. You get the picture. The victim will either spill over a bunch liquid trying to get to their destination, or have to laboriously pick up each cup en route to avoid spillage.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

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For this prank, you'll need:

a bunch of paper cups filled to the brim with water

A door (or desk, or anywhere that your victim needs to get to)

Step 2: Improvise

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If your victim isn't getting pranked fast enough for your liking, try ringing the doorbell/ knocking on the door and running away, but not before snapping a picture of their reaction!

Step 3: Set the Stage & Wait

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This part was the hardest sitting and waiting for the victim to show up! It was worth it for the reaction, I can assure you!


mgalyean (author)2016-04-01

One could lay a sheet of 4x8' 1/4" plywood across the top and walk carefully over it.

pete.hohensee (author)mgalyean2016-04-24

Yeah, because that would be SO much easier.

Moerdith made it! (author)2014-04-01

My classmates and I did this for our senior prank a few years ago, on a bit larger scale. There were aproximately 4000 cups when we finished.

clewis21 (author)Moerdith2016-04-09

Spare time and beer. Nice combo!

senior prank?

My senior year of high school we snuck into the school on a week night and pranked the school.

clewis21 (author)2016-04-09

I would just kick them over and not care, lol! Put beer in them instead and then see what happens! (not at work though)

john henry (author)2015-03-31

not as effective on someones porch...
too easy to clean up, or ignore.

FlorinJ (author)john henry2016-04-01

Put oil in them ... burned motor oil I think is best ...

john henry (author)FlorinJ2016-04-01

lol good one.

FlorinJ (author)john henry2016-04-02

Yeah, I was just saying, but I wouldn't actually do it. Oil of any kind is hard to clean from porous materials, and burned motor oil stains. If such oil gets on the concrete of the alley leading to your front door, the stain will last almost forever. That's no longer a joke, that's mean.

john henry (author)FlorinJ2016-04-02

yeah. but still easy to clean up if they're not in a hurry and bolt out the door without looking first. if they see the cups first most likely wont spill any.
this isn't really a prank i would do, but for an added mess (or to make sure there is one) tape fishing line to a few random cups not to all but a few here and there.
that way if they go to pick one up its a land mine of a mess. water or not depends on if its revenge or for fun. best not with oil but a pressue washer should clean that up.

buzzclick (author)2016-04-01

This reminds me when we used to put dog poo in a paper bag, put it on someone's doorstep, light the bag on fire and press the doorbell.

Tada! Instant shitsmear and one grumpy person you didn't like. :)

Catley (author)buzzclick2016-04-01

...Or one permanently grumpy person that doesn't like YOU! LOL

buzzclick (author)Catley2016-04-01

Well, if you ran for cover as soon as you dingled the doorbell, they never knew who the dastardly wascal was! :)

Catley (author)buzzclick2016-04-01

LOL Never thought of that! Maybe because in old age, I can't run any more. But I'm sure that if I did anything of the sort proposed here when I was young, it sure WOULD have occurred to me to have decided where I was going to run to! Wonder if I ever did? Either it was quite un-memmorable, or else it had such horrific consequences that my mind has blocked it out!

LarryB17 (author)buzzclick2016-04-01

LOL Worked great on Halloween in the old days. Kinda hard to do nowadays as the old paper shopping sacks have become hard to get.

Another trick (as teens in the mid 1960s) we used to do was take 2 or 3 full length dry-cleaners plastic clothing bags, place 2 balsa sticks inside the bottom opening to hold it open. Then place birthday candles in the middle of the sticks. Using sewing thread (5-6 feet long) tie the bags together, light the candles filling the bags with hot air then release them. The entire bag would light up full length. We triggered many fighting UFO scares at night, as the bags would dance in the wind around each other till the candles set the balsa stick on fire. which in turn would set the very thin plastic bag on fire. Due to the interior heat already in the bags they would completely burn up in a flash of fire. On cool low wind nights these bags would reach an altitude of 1000 to 1500 (or more) feet altitude and would completely burn up before any burning debris could reach the ground. GREAT FUN that was. hehehe thank GOD we never got caught by the PD.

buzzclick (author)LarryB172016-04-01

...and thank goodness you (we) didn't burn up someone's home! lol

Playing with matches was fun, fascinating and risky...which is just cool for even today's kids, but today's parents can be so anal about anything like that, and the rugrats are often glued to their monitors now. Those dry cleaning bags are ideal hot balloons! Gonna have to try it myself one of these days.

buzzclick (author)buzzclick2016-04-01

Of course, the natural reaction from the person who discovers the burning bag is to stomp out the fire, he he.

Just in case you didn't get it. But I know you did. Right? You never know with you braniacs on Destructables...

Mister Weepers (author)2016-04-01

Fill cups with baking soda. Combine this prank with the balloon one that pops over them only the balloons are filled with vinegar. Now they're covered with vinegar and the cups are fizzing from the vinegar (at least the ones that got vinegar to fall in them).

Doctor90250 (author)2014-10-17

you're a sick person....and i think i love

saddleclub (author)2014-06-16

that so AWESOME I did that to some campers at a summer covered the entire floor but the catch is I didn't fill tem all with water some of them where filled with red food die and some with crystal lite powder the floor was a mess it was awesome!!!;)

gennagonna (author)2014-04-06

I need to do that to my older sister

Prof. A. Z. O_Trope (author)2014-04-02

There is an evil improvement possible by turning the cups UPSIDE-DOWN. For this, you need a truly flat surface (like someone's desk, or a tile floor), a thin piece of plastic, and some Vaseline or similar material. Fill each cup full or nearly full of water or other liquid, smear a thin layer of Vaseline on the rim, and put the thin plastic sheet on top. Now carefully invert the whole thing, taking care to keep the plastic sheet on firmly so no water leaks out, set it on the "target" surface, and quickly but smoothly pull out the plastic sheet. The Vaseline helps maintain a seal, and the water will stay in as long as the cup stays on the surface, but there is no practical way to remove the cup without "dispensing" the water. If you put down a few full cups, of course you can add dozens of empty ones to the pattern. The Vaseline will create just enough sticking force to make empty cups very hard to distinguish from full ones. On a desk, it is usually possible to carefully slide cups to the edge, then hold a bucket underneath and sweep the cup over the edge, minimizing flooding. On a floor, it's all but impossible. You can cut a cross in the top of each cup and jam the nozzle of a wet-dry vacuum into it, but without the vacuum, there is no easy way.

jmwells (author)2014-03-30

Up the ante. If the prank is outside, as in your photos, the victim may just kick their way through. Fill some with something else. If you're really evil, red, or orange drink mix powder. The water from the other cups will wet their shoes, making them track the powder. If they don't want it in the house, or car if they're going out, they will have to wash, or remove their shoes.

tehbanz (author)jmwells2014-04-02

And they will get ants.. thats how you get ants.

2ManyProjects (author)tehbanz2014-04-02

Great 'Tip'! Oops, phrasing..

jmwells (author)tehbanz2014-04-02

True. In warmer areas ants are active right now.

PhilieBlunt (author)jmwells2014-04-02

I was thinking non diluted food coloring myself, blue and green stains most everything and never comes out, it extrekepy difficult to even get that stuff off skin

jmwells (author)PhilieBlunt2014-04-02

I was thinking evil, not distructive.

DIY-Guy (author)jmwells2014-03-31

Litterbox "tacos" perhaps?

gurugabe (author)2014-04-02

How about, gluing cups to a cheap door mat, fill cups to top and watch them either try to carry the whole mat without spilling or flip the mat.

pyro1324 (author)gurugabe2014-04-02

That's... Actually pretty genious XD

jkimball (author)2014-04-02

A refinement is to take a long strip of paper or twine, and attach a row of cups to each other. (staple or glue) This means that if they pick up a cup to empty it, it will knock over the cups it is attached to.

This means you can use fewer cups to achieve your goal, because they are much harder to clean up.

Also, for even more prank points, interlace the connectors so it is hard to tell which cups are connected.

Bloodmonkey (author)2014-04-02

this would be just mean in Sweden. Our front doors open outwards...

brianpotter (author)2014-03-31

Can't they just move them out of the way?

Dovakin (author)brianpotter2014-04-01

They can! But its time consuming!

thayes4 made it! (author)2014-04-01

I went with a version of it and waited for the phone call lol.

vincent7520 (author)2014-04-01

Lay the cups with paint in them.

For better results, do this with a 5th floor apartment, and lay the cups on a one story distance. Of course this should be done around 6 am. No use to knock n the door. People will discover as theyr rush out to work !…

If people hate you after this, you won !!!!… ;))

hunter999 (author)2014-03-30

This is an awesome idea!! The simplicity of this is what makes it vote-worthy :-)

Also, why not do this prank by (the victims) bed just before the morning. That is when people are not really alert, and so they are bound to knock a cup or two over.

Ciege666 (author)hunter9992014-03-31

Use beer instead, see if they can even make it to the door

Nicola283 (author)2014-03-30

If you want some other great pranks go to

Good luck!

muddog15 (author)2014-03-30

To make it even better, surround there car with them. And put some in the floorboard.

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