Water Cups Prank





Introduction: Water Cups Prank

Nothing is more frustrating than going from point A to point B with a huge impediment in the way. Enter the Water Cup Prank. In this prank, we simply fill up a bunch of paper cups with water (or any other liquid you think would be humorous) and place them strategically in front of either a door or even the pathway to a person's desk, or on the way to the coffee machine. You get the picture. The victim will either spill over a bunch liquid trying to get to their destination, or have to laboriously pick up each cup en route to avoid spillage.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

For this prank, you'll need:

a bunch of paper cups filled to the brim with water

A door (or desk, or anywhere that your victim needs to get to)

Step 2: Improvise

If your victim isn't getting pranked fast enough for your liking, try ringing the doorbell/ knocking on the door and running away, but not before snapping a picture of their reaction!

Step 3: Set the Stage & Wait

This part was the hardest sitting and waiting for the victim to show up! It was worth it for the reaction, I can assure you!

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One could lay a sheet of 4x8' 1/4" plywood across the top and walk carefully over it.

Yeah, because that would be SO much easier.

I would just kick them over and not care, lol! Put beer in them instead and then see what happens! (not at work though)

not as effective on someones porch...
too easy to clean up, or ignore.

Put oil in them ... burned motor oil I think is best ...

Yeah, I was just saying, but I wouldn't actually do it. Oil of any kind is hard to clean from porous materials, and burned motor oil stains. If such oil gets on the concrete of the alley leading to your front door, the stain will last almost forever. That's no longer a joke, that's mean.

yeah. but still easy to clean up if they're not in a hurry and bolt out the door without looking first. if they see the cups first most likely wont spill any.
this isn't really a prank i would do, but for an added mess (or to make sure there is one) tape fishing line to a few random cups not to all but a few here and there.
that way if they go to pick one up its a land mine of a mess. water or not depends on if its revenge or for fun. best not with oil but a pressue washer should clean that up.

This reminds me when we used to put dog poo in a paper bag, put it on someone's doorstep, light the bag on fire and press the doorbell.

Tada! Instant shitsmear and one grumpy person you didn't like. :)

...Or one permanently grumpy person that doesn't like YOU! LOL