video Water Drop Effect - custom paint secret, airbrush
This is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. How do they get that bizarre effect. It's easy.

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Any idea if this could be done on walls?

Thanks for the ible!
dayayohut4 years ago
I tried this on my PS3 controller, I did it with CREATEX Pearlized Candy Blue with the CREATEX Opaque White over top as the water.

It did not turn out well. I think it may have been the combination of the colors. It also had a lot to do with the curved surface of the controller.
MarkerMan15 years ago
I bought some enamal paints but im not sure it is the right kind, it says it is water based so wouldent it just blend into the water?
siouxsieq5 years ago
I'm looking for a cool idea for kids room. Can this be done on a wall??
Thanx for posting!
miqt7 years ago
does anyone know how to do this effect but on water drops that are actually dripping down....kinda like long drops, i think that'd be cool.
Robobvious miqt6 years ago
I haven't tried this yet, but I imagine if you took a canvas like that, and just sprayed water along one of the top edges, then tilted it you could let the drops drip down naturally, then go on to the next step with the spray paint. Not sure if it will work but hey, you don't like it, paint over it and do it again! Oh, and please tell us how it comes out!
if that idea does not work then it may be more time consuming but still possible. have the surface you are painting be [almost] perfectly flat leaning in the direction you are wanting to have it drip. spray water onto the surface as you normally would and then use an eye dropper to add water to the surface and use a toothpick to move the water around to where you want it to be.

i havent tried it yet, but its an idea worth trying.

best of luck
 I used red paint on the water droplets so it kinda looks like "blood" drops. Great fun!

llamafur6 years ago
here's the paint job. I wanted the face plate to actually have texture.
Kvath llamafur5 years ago
 It is Dry Xbox case ?!?
or wet ?
:O looks like a wet street
ac1D llamafur6 years ago
W-O-W. I want it!
MrSkary6 years ago
SWEET Ur vid was easy and simple!! AWESOME job bro!!! Much Thanks,
Hey what colors look best over white for the water drops? Thanks
I used on a computer blue and white, it turned out amazing, i started with a blue base, then did light white paint on the droplits, if you want il post pics upon request
Can you post the pictures?
My guess would be a light blue or yellow.
I would go with light blue as yellow may look like pee lol
haha thats a nice thought
How about red?
llamafur6 years ago
I just did this to my xbox 360, and it looks really good.
Rob K7 years ago
Im trying to figure out why enamel paint?
xl1500 Rob K7 years ago
Rob K the reason you have to use enamel paint is because it will not stick to the water droplets. If you use a water base paint, it would just blend into the water droplets and give you a muddy effect.
correct. enamel isnt water soluble.
w00ty32 Rob K7 years ago
Maybe, some paints wont stay on the drop of water, and breaks the drop/slides off/etc. I don't know the propertys of paint very well, so I'm just throwing things up in the air.
Hoxer w00ty327 years ago
I have to ask - What is enamel paint??? I'm from Denmark and it must be called something else here, because i've never heard the word before. What's the different between "normal" and enamel paint??
enamel paint is usually a high-gloss rust resistant. a good example is Rustoleum brand
i wanna do the top of my laptop like this but im afrade im not gonna like the result.
hey instead of painting on ur laptop why don't you paint on a sticker, that way if you like it you put it on your laptop, and if you don't you keep trying. (im pretty sure you can get good sized blank stickers)
You can always paint back over it if you don't like it! My 2 cents.
Get a large adhesive roll of paper. then you can do it and apply it to your computer with no risk.
Vinstepula7 years ago
That turned out to be way easier than what I expected. Thanks for posting this!
ExtraMedium7 years ago
I take it only the paint that is sprayed on has to be enamel
trooperrick7 years ago
Do you have to have the paint completely dry (bottle says 48 hours) or does it just have to be dry to the touch before using the drops and second color? Thanks in advance.
drewdoog7 years ago
if you dont use enamel, the paint will slide off the water drops leaving you with spots that arent blended. they will simply show you the undercolor with no shadowing effects. At least this is my experience with it.
sims01 drewdoog7 years ago
can you tell me how long to let it dry and do wipe the water off or do I let it evaporate on its own thanks sims01
Dr.Paj sims017 years ago
Evaporate, but you can blast it with a heat gun.
AirbrushTricks (author) 7 years ago
Thanks everybody. Sorry for the lack of replies. I've gotten soo lost in all these projects I'm starting to lose track where all these vids are. Always feel free to track me down at AirbrushTricks.com
dsaavedra7 years ago
this was really cool. nice vid. thanks for the instructions! got some paint and tried it out today. i still need improvement but its turning out nice. im gonna do this on some fishing lures:
waterpaint 001.jpg
Thanx for the vid! Ive seen this somewhere else before fogot how 2 do it and when i tried i just messed up. So this wuz ccol!
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