Easy to take but very stunning pictures, this can be done for anywhere from $5 to $1000 but for my set up I was able to get good results for about $25 (excluding camera)

I chose to do this because I just got the galaxy s4 and ordered 10 cases for a couple bucks from China. Just for fun I wanted to change my background to match every case. To do this I used this technique with each case as the background.

Step 1: Equipment

Camera: I used a canon t4i but any interchangeable lens camera will work.

Macro setup: Most important part of the shot, I used macro bellows with a 50mm enlarging lens, but you could use a diopter, extension tubes, or a dedicated macro lens.

Lighting: I used a canon 550ex but you can use normal lights with longer shutter speeds.

Plexiglass: This is the canvas for the droplets, I used 1/8" plexi but any clear scratch free material will work.

Spray bottle: Used to apply the droplets

Colorful background: I used cellphone cases, but you can use anything, Ive had success using thing like poptart boxes.

Remote: optional but to reduce shaking a remote is helpful, I used  a cheap intervalometer.

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