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I'm mushroom obsessed. It's not just their deliciousness, the savory umami characteristics that give the pleasure of meat, yet are a fungus. They are inherently poetic-they link edibility & appetite with death and decay. The mushrooms themselves are the fruit of a vast underground network-mycelium. The ones in the wild are varied and beautiful and at times deadly. I'll be posting some Instructables on how to harvest wild mushrooms as well.

Cultivated ones are also a marvel. They have wonderful architectural shapes, can grow indoors, and require with minimal care. So along with Vanessa Sigurdson, who works with the Artist-In-Residence program at Autodesk, we created an indoor mushroom garden with three varieties- shiitake, oyster, and lion's mane. The goal was to make beautiful boxes to hang on your kitchen wall to grow mushrooms. You can see a time lapse (made by Vanessa Sigurdson & Charlie Nordstorm) of them here. This was over the course of 2 days. Fellow Artist-In-Residents Kristina Larsen and Sebastian Martin who are making felt cloths with mushrooms growing from them. Wish us luck, as mushrooms are fickle and mysterious.

Step 1: Mix the Compound to Grow Mushrooms

We purchased the mushroom mycelium from Far West Fungi. According to their instructions, for the growing compound blend:

50% oak sawdust

25% oyster shells-ground up

30% brown rice ground into flour

Boil in water for 1 hour to get any contaminants out.

What using coffee grounds as a medium, do you know a mixture for that?
<p>Really loved this instuctable!!! But did you know that you mycelium mixture adds up to 105%? :P Might be a typo, just thought i would point it out!</p>
<p>This is exciting, and I am going to attempt to do this. However, I will have to arrive at a different method to making the metal plates as I lack the laser and the water jet means of metal cutting.</p><p>Thanks for getting creative and for sharing.</p>
<p>You really just need a box with some holes in it. Cardboard would do. </p>
<p>That is really neat. Bamboo isn't very resistant to fungus though. Maybe a different material would be better?</p>

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