Step 1: Sound Signal

find sound signal ( I use Mc'Donalds toy )

Step 2: Wires

prepare wires and open toy

Step 3: Solder

find two switch point and solder wires

Step 4: Holes

make holes for wires, and close the toy

Step 5: Sucker :)

mount handle (sucker)

Step 6: Finish

How this work ?? check video :) Good Luck
Also good was a suggestion from a guy &quot;Refueler&quot; in some boating forum:<br><br>Use a smoke alarm with a test button. Connect the terminals of the button to the water detector (eg. as described here). Bonus: still works as a smoke detector! (smoke on the water ... )
I have tried this with a talking catfish wall plaque. I connected two wires to the switch and put in some water. Nothing happened. I tried foil spaced apart, added water, nothing. The plaque has 6VDC battery box (4 AA) and also a 6VDC wall electric transformer power. What am I doing wrong. All I need is for the water to complete the circuit between the wires. Is there a simple switch I can make? But so far no luck. Can you help? Thanks.
hey may i know where did you get this macdonald's toy?
hey may i know how many volts is out-put?
hey i am doing my project also may i know can i connect out-put to relay coil or remote control? So that when the water level up the water valve will be shut off automatically
Will this work for bigger water tanks?
Hi<br/>i am doing a project<br/>i would need help from you guys<br/><br/>Questions:<br/>When the wires touched the water, will there be a short circuit or electric shock to the user?<br/>Can this circuit be combined with LED display and comparator circuit board? If yes, how to you connect it?<br/><br/>THANKs THANKS! please reply soon! =)<br/>
man you saved my basement I made one with a beep horn very loud and to my surprise the basement flooded and you saved me =]caught it in time<br/>
Nice instructable. This would also be useful in a basement, inside a sump pump basin to let you know if the sump pump has failed. If the sump pump fails, the water level reaches a certain point in the basin and the water level detector would let you know.
this is so awsome.. great idea.. great ible.. lifesaver for ppl with bad memory
awesome. nice one.
I really like that. It's simple but it gets the job done. I'll probably make one of those. 5 stars.
Simple but great. Congrats !!!

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