Introduction: Water Level Indicator Using Arduino

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In this project we will be building a water level indicator using arduino & water sensor.

The system would indicate the level of the water (Three different levels) inside a tank with the help of 3 LED and a buzzer to indicate that the tank is full.

This is a beginner level project and has a purposeful implementation as well in your home.

The video is also available in the last step.

So lets get started....

Step 1: Components Required

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You will need the following materials for making your own Water Level Indicator

>Arduino Uno


>3 LED (red,green,yellow)

>Buzzer (x1)

>Jumper wires

>Water level sensor

> 220 ohms resistor (x3)

Step 2: Assemble LED on Breadboard

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-Use LED of 3 different colors

RED( indicating extremely low level)

YELLOW (indicating half water level)

GREEN(indicating full water level)

-connect the cathode of each led to power rail(blue rail) on breadboard which would be the ground supply.

-connect the anode of LED's to different nodes.

-connect 220 ohms resistor in series with each LED.

Step 3: Make Connections With Arduino and LED

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Make connections for LED with digital pins on arduino as follows:

RED => Digital pin 13

YELLOW => Digital pin 12

GREEN => Digital pin 11

Step 4: Connect the Water Sensor With Arduino

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Connect the water level sensor to arduino as follows:

Water Sensor pins => Arduino pins

- => GND

+ => VCC

S => A0

Step 5: Connect Buzzer

Picture of Connect Buzzer

Connect the buzzer to Digital pin 8 of Arduino.

Step 6: Upload Sketch

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Upload the sketch to your Arduino uno using the Arduino IDE.

Step 7: Done!! Watch Tutorial

As water level changes, corresponding LED will light up. Checkout the video once. I hope that you found this instructable on Water Level Indicator useful.

If you have any queries, feel free to discuss in comments.


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