Picture of Water Level Indicator with Alarm
Today I am going to talk about a very useful project that I had taken up. It is called the Water Level Indicator. Nowadays everybody has overhead tank at their homes. But everyone who has a water tank above knows the kind of problems that they face. Firstly there is no system to track the water in the tank. Then there come a secondary problem that is when their water pump is started they have no idea when it gets filled up and sometimes there are situation where the pump keeps on pumping water to the tank and the water starts spilling out from the tank. There is wastage of energy as well as wastage of water.

Later History
This project that i had taken up is the result of  long hours of research of work at the Internet as well as long hours of thinking. I had made various versions of the projects earlier but at last i came up with this final product. I bet this has been tested and i can now firmly say that the model would work flawlessly without any complains for years. I am saying this as i have installed this models to various houses in my neighborhood and all are working fine without any maintenance. And indeed this model is admired by all who uses it.

The Situation 
The house where I live in has an overhead tank which is about 30 feet from the ground level. I was getting bored going up the rooftop to check whether the tank has filled or the water level was below to start the pump. I had to do this again and again. Then I sought for a solution. I always used to think of the possibilities of how can this problem be tackled in an electronic way. After years of research and by trial and error,  I found one and wanted to put whatever I have done out here so that it may be helpful to someone who has a overhead water tank at their homes.

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JfA116 days ago

any one plz tell me the value of capacitor that we are using in bridge rectifire...

bmeheboob JfA12 days ago

Use 100 micro farad capacitor

elexhack3 months ago

Can anyone help me with the terminals of BC547. I am a bit confused :/.

bmeheboob made it! elexhack2 days ago

ls refer the snap shot below

Can i please know how much did this cost approximately ?

It will cost you around 150rs

junotomo1 month ago

the power supply is 9v or 5v ?

You can use either 5V or 9V...:)

instead of connecting to main power supply can i use 9v

is it work for large size tank

You can use either 5V or 9V...:)

Yuva_tcp19 days ago
Hello sir pls give me your mobile no I have some doubts sir

i have made it but my family is afraid of installing it they are afraid if it will very dangerous to work with taps when this circuit is in on condition

NiravB11 month ago
Hi i made this ckt it work s perfect but when tank is full buZzer is not ring loudly.

When i short comon wire n last led wire it rings loudly.

Any one can help me to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance.

i also want to design pcbs so i will be very thankful if anyone can tellme all the requirements for designing and printing of pcbs at home

i want to know any good microcontroller programmer hardware and software as i want to learn to program and burn almost every kind of microcontroller so can anyone please tell me name of a goof microcontroller programmer device that supports almost every microcontroller...

can i use 400k ohm and 47 ohm resistors

Hi can any one tell me how to get rid of electrolysis problem which break wires in water tank

ShiladityaD2 months ago
hei i just connected the relay directly to the last output, i have given the relay a 12 v supply directly, and the neutral is via the master ckt, relay seems to work, can i connect it to motor???
ShiladityaD2 months ago
Hei thanks for this simple circuit, i just made it, I just want to know if i can drive a relay to stop the motor. My logic is , 'take the output of the last level give it to a driver IC like L293D, get a 12v output frm IC andr drive the relay, its a 1/2 h.p 240v motor, I wanto connect it directly between phase lines, like a switch' is there any flaw??? help me out
seethasub2 years ago
There is mistake in showing collector and emitter of the transistors. Collector should go to positive hence LEDs cathode should be connected to collector of BC547 and emitter should go to common negative line.
raikut (author)  seethasub2 years ago
This issue has been discussed earlier, please go through the comment section and watch the given video

RenjithC raikut2 months ago
Transister will work though biased collector emitter inversely . Collector is lightly doped in order to have high voltage withstand capability. However, one major advantage of operating the npn transistor with its emitter and collector roles reversed is that the saturation voltage drop across collector and emitter is lower than that obtained in the normal mode, inspite of having lower current gain. This is why such devices were used as analog switches in low voltage control electronics in discrete applications. So no problem we can go head with this collector emitter inverse connection as this circute is operated by low voltage. No much power gain . So there wont be much heat to dissipate . I think for buzzer it is better to connect load in the collector line .
information courtesy :-Sujit K. Biswas · Jadavpur University.

Use aluminum foil (2 pcs) glued to a plastic backing as an electrode plate. will weather far longer than just wires.

SaadiM4 months ago

hey guys could someone explaine the circuit analysis

kcrajiv4 months ago

I have doubt whether this will have electric leakage in water tank leading to shockage. Kindly clear my doubt

onlynb1 year ago

thanks raikut for this project.. ive made every exactly you have written but the sensors in overhead tank gets corroded in just two weeks . after that the buzzer sound gets low and some LED's start flickering. pls telll m some solution on this.

sbiswal onlynb1 year ago
Hm I also have same issue , what I do is cleanup wires every month :(
AdithyaN1 sbiswal10 months ago


Have you tried anti-corrosive(AC) materials like AC paint or AC powder which are available in market. I am also planning to make one for my home.

This can cured by using a float that is sealed and designed to be in water. It acts as a switch. I have two 2500 gallon water tanks with 5 floats attached to it. No problems and works flawlessly. Electronics submerged in water will only last for so long due to electrolysis, the same phenomenon on outboard motors which is why they have zinc plate that is softer than the metal for the motor. So it eats away slowly at that instead. Email if you want help.

onlynb JasonS115 months ago

can you pls send pic of tht switch?? or its web link.

Nice one. However, one problem with such circuits is the corrosion of electrodes due to the high current. I've been using this water level indicator circuit for several years and hardly needs cleaning. Maybe its the low current needed to trigger the CMOS IC switch.

Which diode will i use as the full wave. Rectifier
Which diode will i use as the full wave. Rectifier

can some one let me know the parts used

Alirazzaque86 months ago

Hello Mr.Raikut i have chosen your project and i want to have some modifications in it. I want to have a motor controlled circuit so that when the level reaches to the last point the motor switches off by itself. Can you help me with that ???? Waiting for your suggestions in this regard

Tutancof6 months ago

If am not wrong your buzzer circuit need additional connection for 555IC pin 4 and 8.

sim amosl7 months ago

hey can i use BC 548 instead of 547?

Tutancof7 months ago

Can i use any kind of 555 ic NE, NA, SA, SE????

denisserhein8 months ago

hi raikut! tnx for the project,..just have few suggestion to make this project more useful,..how about instead of alarm,we make this like start stop motor circuit,..you know,if it reach the water level required,the automatically switch off the motor,..and if it is at low level it automatically switch on,..do u think it will work,..pls help me try this,..

also sorry for my "english",..

There are many ways to do this. A pump is a high draw AC appliance, but with the proper care and design can be accomplished. I use solid state relays a lot with low control voltage. Meaning only a few DC volts can activate an AC replay that can handle 50+amps. Depends on what you are looking to do exactly.

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