Water Line Leaks? Fix It Yourself! Here's How...

Picture of Water Line Leaks?  Fix It Yourself!  Here's How...

Are the water supply lines under your sink leaking?  Did a cracked or broken plastic fitting cause your bathroom to flood?  Should you call a plumber?......not if you like saving money!

You can fix it yourself!  Here's how...

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Step 1: Identifying Your Water Line

Picture of Identifying Your Water Line

This instructable addresses how to repair or replace a PEX water supply line.

How do I know whether or not my water supply line is PEX?

There are three easy ways to identify PEX tubing:

Note:  If the first two identifying features are not true of your water supply line, please do not attempt the third.  Bending a PVC or Copper supply line will not end well!

1)   PEX tubing comes in two different colors, solid white and solid red.  (White denotes a cold water line, while red denotes a hot water line).
2)   PEX tubing has printed lettering that contains the words "PEX" (see figure below).
3)   PEX tubing is rather flexible and easy to bend.  (Be careful not to break your supply line by testing its flexibility).

If you have safely identified your water supply line as PEX tubing, then it's your lucky day!  Continue reading to learn how you can easily repair your water lines.

this old type of pex tubing .... this system to be installed about 10 years ago or more. use new type of pex tubing like this