Water Line Pick Adapter





Introduction: Water Line Pick Adapter

The sharp end of a pick is for breaking rock, not digging water lines. A chisel tip cuts the earth and also helps remove it from the trench. A point tip doesn't clean out the trench as well. To lay a water line, you want to dig a trench of minimum width in order to save labor. The wide blade end of the pick is good for digging trenches, but it is way overkill for a 1/2" water line.

To solve the problem I made a removable tip cap for the pointed end. It was just a piece of pipe that I hammered onto the pointed end of the pick, forcing it to conform to the square shape of the pick end. What protruded past the tip was then flattened with hammer and anvil to make the chisel shape. I had welding capability in those days, so I welded the seam at the end , which allowed sharpening with a grinder.

It easily taps off when you need the point of the pick, and taps back on when you need the chisel tip.

It works great, and has saved me some sweat over the years.



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What you have there looks like a pick mattock to me. A common pickaxe today has a sharp, pointed end, and a chisel counterbalance that is much narrower than your mattock adze blade is. Colloquially I have heard of cutting mattocks called grub hoes. But you don't have one of those either. A wide variety of trenching hoes are made. There is some benefit to using long handled tools sometimes, over shorter handles too.

This is so simple-smart that I'm embarrassed not to have tried something similar when I was digging water lines with the narrow tip of the pick. Great idea!

Hmmmmm... Great idea! I love making adaptors for tools I already have.