Step 6: Putting It All Together

Finally, slide the piston into the pen tube, and lock the back cap back in place. Make sure the piston creates a water tight seal with the pen. You might have to add or take away some tape.
Could you please provide more detailed info on this step - perhaps more pics? Thanks.
buy a syringe for 1 buck
But this is handmade, no? Plus made from common materials and  can be made in an office (if u hav pocket drill :D)
not to mention, u dont want to look like a heroin addict if the boss catches you. unless thats just your kinda thing :P
seems almost exactly what i did <br>
people make it longer by adding another pen hollowed out and glue them together
Good job! ***** stars
Back Cap is glued on now. It's like impossible to get it off. I just cut it off.
you make one?
No, when I need to take it off, like in a custom bb gun i must saw it off. But ill make one and upload pic of it.
pretty awsome

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