Water Powered Clock





Introduction: Water Powered Clock

This instructable will show you how to build a water powered clock. Here is what you will need.
1.zinc and copper leads 
2. connection wires(positive or negative)
3.3 bottles of water
4. low voltage digital clock display
5. water bottle caps

Step 1: Attaching the Leads

Take your copper and zind rods and wrap the positive wire around the copper rod. Do the same thing with the zinc rod to the negative wire. 

Step 2:

Take your connection wire and connect one end of the wire to a copper rod and connect the other end to the zinc rod.

Step 3: Attaching the Leads to the Battery

Take your connection wire and put the copper end into the right water bottle.Take the zinc end and put it into the left water bottle.Take your digital display and attach the zinc end into the right water bottle.Take your copper end and place it into the left water bottle.

Step 4: THE END

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have  completed the water powered clock!!!!!



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    do you need 4 electrodes? can you have 2 in one tank?

    Where can I buy the digital display clock? I am doing this for a science fair project so could you please respond quickly?

    I used an LCD out of an old watch, but you could probably find something on a DIY electronics website

    thank you so much

    Also..can you link a few of these together...to power a small motor that could rotate a magnet through a copper wheel?..i.e. a round tube of copper with a slit on the inside of the wheen with a motor in the middle that would be able to swing a spoke around attached to a magnet around inside it? Generating more output?...

    ....or is my thought going against physics?

    Is there a way to connect "already made consumer water"clocks and link those together for more power..that could charge a battery?


    How much is this outputting?

    i will build one!!! thank you.

    where can I buy the copper and zinc lead?

    Can I use an analog clock instead? Or will that affect the outcome?