I learned how to do this when I was bored one day and I wanted to get back at my mom for shooting me with a paintball gun

Step 1: Materials

plastic baggietreec
cutting board
watersee through cup

Step 2: Cup O Water

take the cup of water and place the plastic baggie over it then the cutting board

Step 3: Flipping Time

quickly flip on to table

Step 4: Pull It Apart

Scoot the cup and plastic baggie towards the edge of the cutting board

Step 5: Pull the Board

pull the cutingboard away quickly

Step 6: By by Bagie

pull away the baggie quickly
<p>well sucks u got shot but hey revenge is a dish best served cold hahahah </p>
Lucky!!my mom doesn't know what is a paintball gun,or how to aim..
Why did your mom shoot you with a paintball gun?

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