Ever dropped you Flash Drive in a puddle walking to school, or dropped it in your morning coffee? You know I have! Today I will show you a fun way to water proof your pen drive. Its very simple and looks cool when finished! Be sure to look at the picture notes for important info.

Step 1: Materials....

You will need:
Old Mag Light
1 AA Battery
Small piece of plastic that fits inside the mag light.
Needle nose pliers
Hot Glue gun
Flash Drive
This is pretty awesome, but all flash drives (unless there are some with a battery for some reason...) are waterproof. I have accidentally put both of mine through the wash and they didn't loose any data or get corrupted or anything (on multiple occasions too lol) just make sure there fully dry (on the inside) before you use them.
oh well, I enjoyed making it
or you can just inject the drive with rubber caulk or this one which is way funn
And it indeed does still look awesome and would be much stronger, I'm not saying that there is no point to this, just that imo you should call it "Ruggedized Maglite USB drive" and maybe change the waterproofing comments accordingly if you have the time. Btw is it very heavy? I would have thought that the torch body would have been to heavy to be supported by the USB connector but I seem to have been proved wrong...
Yea, you might be right. And yea its kinda heavy, if you need to hurt someone then here you go!
Haha gotta love maglites for that
so what is the AA batery for?
Its so you have a piston( pillar) to hold up the drive while you work, If you inject glue between the drive's sides then you maybe able to just take in out. Then you have room to fit other things like wires or something.

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