Water Proof Survival Pockets!





Introduction: Water Proof Survival Pockets!

today i will show you how to make water proof pockets out of straws.

Step 1: Chop the Straws!

chop the straws with scissors to the preferd size. make sure you allow the size of melting the ends!

Step 2:

Step 3: Melt!

put whatever you want in the straws and place on a metal plate.

clamp the end and melt it until it shrivels up.
you can use a soldering iron aswell.

Step 4: Job Done!

have fun with these and make sure to put them in your survival bag.
hope tis was a good little instructable thankyou bye.



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When I was a wee lad, I would use straws like this for BBs. It made for a quick and easy reload of the ol Crossman.

thanks for the comment, be sure to vote for me ;)

those do not appear to be strike anywhere matches. Where is your striker to light them

hey thanks for the comment, the striker was placed in another tube and it was just for display.

Thought: You might want to push out some air before the last "melt". Doing this without pushing out as much air as possible at ~1000 ft above sea level then going 'outback' around 7000+ ft above sea level will create quite a positive pressure that could eventually rupture your seal.

But if this is just for your bug-out-bag you should be fine.

thanksjhonryan , i never thougt of that im sure to do it!