Water Quality Monitoring and Notification System Using Arduino Based GSM System.





Introduction: Water Quality Monitoring and Notification System Using Arduino Based GSM System.

This instructable video is all about how to monitor the Quality of water, interns of monitoring the level of water, the temperature of the water and its surrounding, the turbidity of the water (how clean the water is) as well as the PH levels of the Water. So this system monitors all of these aspect and finally when all check have been completed, its sends the information or data as an SMS to notify the authorized personnel.

Step 1: Components Needed.

For you to be able to complete this project you need to get these specific kind of devices.

1. Arduino Mega Board.

2. (16 * 2) LCD display.

3. The 2 in one Temperature and PH sensor.

4. The Turrbidity Sensor.

5. A GSM shield.

6. An ultrasonic Sensor.

7. 4 RGB led.

8. A buzzer.

Step 2: Graphical View and Circuit Diagram

Attached are the circuit diagram and the Fritzing view of the project.

Step 3: The Arduino Code and Library Used

Attached are the whole code for the Project and the library used to run the Code.

Step 4: Video of the Project

This is the link for the Youtube page.



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Hi Sir

excellent project.

kindly can you send the specific of the component for example the exactly type of sensors and the block diagram and flow chart of the project

Sir can you please provide the whole pdf ...circuit diagram and block diagram ...which is not clear in the above description

Is there a different setup and code if I just want to use the PH sensor for testing and not temperature and ultrasonic? Please help when it is possible.

Thank you very much

hi sir ani,..can this not be done with arduino uno combining with a shield? and i was wondering f you can send the full circuit documentation....aim interested...

hi sir Emmanuel. i try to run your project/code but then i ended stuck in "Taking Readings from Water Level Sensor" and couldn't take any values from there. would you help me on how may be my error? i'm using lcd I2C, sonar sensor sr04 and arduino mega.


Thanks for the nice comment Bro.

Good day. Could you send me an email about this project.. am very much interested to have one but i dont have background about arduino or any programming..

it looks nice, can it send email in stead of sms?

Nice project bro! btw, what type of pH sensor did you use for your project? could you show me the link of the description/documentation of your pH sensor module? Thanks!