Introduction: Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique Hand Signs

In Naruto there is a jutsu called Water Dragon Bullet, but it requires 42 HAND SIGNS! So im gonna show you how to do it in my longest Instructable yet!

Step 1: Ox

The first seal is OX, keep one hand flat and the fingers spread out, then do that thing with your other hand that spiderman does to make a web. you know, you make a fist then lift up your index finger and our little finger and spread out your thumb. Then take your middle finger and ring fnger and bring them halfway up and out them on your other hand with your middle finger in the middle of them, then your little finger will go inbetween the little finger and ring finger of the spread out hand. sorry if that wuz confusing

Step 2: Monkey

Now do MONKEY, Just put your hands on top of each other facing different directions and put your thumb over your little finger on one side and under it on the other

Step 3: Rabbit

Now RABBIT, just make one hand into a fist but strecth out your little finger, and with the other hand make a gun shape you know a fist with the index finger stretched out and the thumb straight up, then put the hands together and keep the thumb behind the little finger

Step 4: Rat

Now Rat, Just make a fist with the index and middle fingers stretched up and rap grab them with your other hand

Step 5: Boar

Now BOAR, for this just make your hands into fists, clap them together and make them face upside down

Step 6: Bird

Now BIRD or ROOSTER, Just make your hands flat and touch the tips if the middle fingers together and curl the index fingers down

Step 7: Ox

OX again

Step 8: Horse

Now HORSE, for horse, make your hands into a gun shape and touch the tips of the index fingers and latch the curled fingers onto eachother

Step 9: Bird

BIRD again

Step 10: Rat

RAT again

Step 11: Tiger

Now TIGER, easy to do just hold your hands together and lift up the index and middle fingers

Step 12: Dog

Now DOG, this ones EASY, just make one hand into a fist, and put the other hand on top of it

Step 13: Tiger

TIGER again

Step 14: Snake

For SNAKE, just hold your hands together

Step 15: Ox

OX again

Step 16: Ram

Now RAM also called SHEEP, Just do rat but instead of grabbing the fingers with the other hand, make the other hand into the same form as the first hand and grab it with the ring and little fingers

Step 17: Snake

SNAKE again

Step 18: Boar

BOAR again

Step 19: Ram

RAM again

Step 20: Rat

RAT again

Step 21: Monkey

MONKEY again

Step 22: Bird

Bird again

Step 23: Dragon

Now DRAGON, just do horse but latch all the fingers together except the little fingers which will be pointed down

Step 24: Bird

BIRD again

Step 25: Ox

OX again

Step 26: Horse

HORSE again

Step 27: Ram

RAM again

Step 28: Tiger

TIGER again

Step 29: Snake

SNAKE again

Step 30: Rat

RAT again

Step 31: Monkey

MONKEY again

Step 32: Rabbit

RABBIT again

Step 33: Boar

BOAR again

Step 34: Dragon

DRAGON again

Step 35: Ram

RAM again

Step 36: Rat

RAT again

Step 37: Ox

OX again

Step 38: Monkey

MONKEY again

Step 39: Bird

BIRD again

Step 40: Rat

RAT again

Step 41: Boar

BOAR again

Step 42: Bird

And finally, BIRD again


And finally your done! If i made any kind of mistake just leave a comment below. 


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