So look at the images below in step 2 and follow the procedure written down here
# Take the white coloured candle and start applying it on your shoe.
# Apply it gently on the shoe
# Do not apply it hard as it can change the colour of your shoes.
# At last completely dry your shoes with a hair dryer!!!

Step 1: Images

Thank you all for watching this
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Also I think that you enjoyed it and also the guys who know about this
I'm just sharing with you a new idea that's it
<p>Are you CrazyRussianHacker from youtube?</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnFQy49mank</p>
Good idea. How's the breathability?
Any other doubts guys
Yes wax is water resistant and will never get removed from the shoe
How is it???
wax is water resistant

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