Introduction: Water Resistant Smart Phone Bike Headlight

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Tired of carrying all sorts of bike lights and forgetting to recharge them? Then just use your water resistant smart phone and have a bike light for any weather in your pocket! Great for use in cities or constantly parking and locking up your bike. Best of all, when your charge your phone, you charge your bike light at the same time!


QTY Description

1 Water Resistant Smart Phone like Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2, etc.

1 Bike

1 Bike Handle Bar X-Grip Ram Mount for Smart Phones

4 Egrip stickers

1 Bike Light App

* WARNING: Smart Phone bike light will be visible to others, but may not be strong enough to illuminate all the road in front of you in pitch black darkness.

Step 1: Install Smart Phone Bike Light

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Install the Bike Handle Bar Ram Mount per the manufacturer's interactions. (I've tested the X-Grip Ram Mount mount with my Galaxy S4 Active for hundreds of miles without any issues. The grips are very strong and will hold your phone securely while biking in any terrain.)

I also put some Egrip stickers on the base of the Ram Mount so that the back of my phone won't get scratched by the hard plastic base.

Insert your water resistant Smart Phone in to the Ram Mount and install a bike light App. I like the "Bike Light" app because of the large buttons and the lights stay indefinitely on even if you shut off the screen

Turn on the bike light App, select the type of lighting you want (solid, blink fast, blink slow, etc.), and you're ready to bike in any weather or terrain! Enjoy!

If you are worried if your phone will run out of power, you can use the Open Source Solarpad Kit on your bike to keep your Smart Phone charged all day!


I had no idea there were bike light apps! My dad is an avid bike rider and loves his smartphone. I'll deffinitely have to show this to him!

Yes, smart phone LED camera flash lights are becoming more powerful these days for many uses! I use it for camping or bike tours and I don't even bring a standard flashlight with me anymore.

Ian01 (author)Solarcycle2016-08-27

What's the difference between a bike light app and a flashlight app or built-in flashlight function?

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