Water Rocket 2-Liter Compressed Air





Introduction: Water Rocket 2-Liter Compressed Air

I made this rocket and launcher which uses a 2 liter bottle as the rocket body and and compressed air and water as the propellant. I was able to get the rockets up about 500 feet and even shot some on-board aeial footage. This is not a new idea. I have seen several before. But this one combines the best features of many designs and incorporates some of my own improvements.



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    This is an awesome project! Do you have a materials list? We want to make it in our science class. We need the list of materials for both the rocket & constructing the launcher. Thank you!

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    I have a guide on how to make one

    I would love to get the guide that you say you have to make that launcher. Could you email me the guide to create it at Christianson_ryan@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    I have an instructable on my account.
    here it is if you just want a direct link

    The important part is a piece of 1/2 inch PVC pipe and a 1 inch PVC coupling. Then you need 3 bolts and a wire hanger. This will make the rocket locking mechanism and launch tower. The rest of the launcer is pretty flexible. I used more 1/2 inch pipe, a T, an X, and 3 end caps. You also need a way to connect the launcher to your air compressor or pump. I used a PVC slip to threaded coupling and my tire inflator. The great thing about PVC is you can use all kinds of combinations depending on what you have availible.

    For the rocket all you need is a 2-liter bottle. I taped on plastic fins. Here again, you can use whatever you have availible.

    did that pin fit into the neck of the bottle???

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    No, the wire fits above that that disc ring on the neck of the bottle, keeping the bottle from moving upward.

    could you make some written instructions on your rocket i have a science class and they are interested in making your rocket please respond soon

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    I doubt that I could write instruction that would be more informative than the video. Also, there is a lot of flexibility in the design, so you could make your own improvements or changes. If I were to do this again, I would not use the o-ring. Instead I would just place a layer or two of electrical tape in that position. The problem with the oring is that filing out the space for it in the pipe weakens the pipe a lot. I have broken my launcher in that spot twice now.

    That launcher is all 1/2 inch pipe. The lock/trigger piece is a 1 inch coupler.

    Just fill the bottle with the hose or under the faucet. You loose some of the water when you tip it over and stick it on the launcher, but not too much.

    i love the launch pin, great video!