Step 27:

NOTE: The next step is very important, and it helps to get someone to help you.

Place the nozzle into the stager and push down the inner part of the quick connector compressing the spring until the flange rests on top of the FTC body.

While holding down the inner part of the quick connector, slide the orange collar all the way up until the nozzle is locked. Now wrap electrical tape around the orange collar where it overlaps the short piece of FTC. What you are trying to achieve is to attach the orange collar to the split FTC.

Once you tape it down firmly, (use a few wraps) you can release the nozzle, and the inner part of the quick connector should spring out again.

There will be approximately a 10mm gap in the split FTC. This gap cap be used to place a locking tab in the stager. (see below)

(This image was taken from our other stager and is why the lower tape is white in this image)

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