Picture of Water Rocket Bottle Splicing

This tutorial describes how to splice two bottles together when you only have bottles of the same size. Splicing bottles allows you to create larger capacity and longer water rockets. Although this tutorial shows how to splice 2 liter bottles the same technique can be applied to other bottles with straight sides. The same technique can also be used for multiple splices in the same pressure chamber. At the end of the tutorial we add reinforcing to the bottles in order for them to withstand higher pressures. If only lower pressures are required then the reinforcing is not needed.

  • 4 identical 2L bottles with straight sides.
  • Sikaflex 11FC glue
  • PL Premium glue
  • Glass Strapping tape (optional)

  • Hobby knife
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape - used as masking tape because it is flexible and stronger than regular masking tape.
  • Sandpaper
  • Mineral Turpentine
  • Thermometer
  • Skewer stick

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Step 1:

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Clean all 4 bottles with soapy water and thoroughly rinse out.

Step 2:

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Remove the cap rings and labels on all the bottles. Make sure you don't accidentally cut the bottle when removing the cap ring.

Step 3:

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Remove the label glue residue from the bottle with mineral turpentine. Wipe the bottle dry with a clean paper towel.

Step 4:

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Cut off the base of all 4 bottles and trim the edge evenly and square.

You can use the edge of the straight section as a guide to cut the bottle evenly. Make sure you don't leave a small flange around the edge when you cut the bottom off.

Step 5:

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Heat about 3cm of water in a flat bottomed saucepan. Use a thermometer to measure the water temperature as it is easy to overheat the water.
SirMac271 year ago

Amazing Acts of Science brought me to this page! I saw it on the show and I have to do this now before the Summer ends! Thanks for posting.

hg3414 years ago
about time that you got on here