Water Rocket Challenge (for instructable members!)

Picture of Water Rocket Challenge (for instructable members!)

In memory with the 40th anniversary of the Apollo missions

I want you.....Instructable members... and I to create Instructables so i scaled maned mission to mars with water rockets is possible for me to make.

If you contribute you will have and get all the things below:

your name will be on the side of the rocket
you will be given video footage of the challenge and a certificate send by email.
your name will be in the credits of the movie made
and you will have the honour that you have contributed to this project

Of course were NOT going to mars and its not about the moon but a water rocket lem (Lunar Excursion Module)would be a bit hard

I will show you what i am hoping to do in the next few steps
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Step 1: Launch

Picture of Launch
The first stage is to launch a rocket (of Course)...

But not just a normal water rocket a scale model of the delta II.

The picture I made will explain

If you have any ideas for this please leave a comment on the intro. If you have a rocket that could do a task described in the picture like i do please leave a comment or if you want to contribute to the competition make an Instructable on it. and leave a link to it on the into.

If you instructable is used on the challenge your name will be on the side of the rocket

Step 2: Payload separation

Picture of Payload separation
The next bit of the challenge is to create a mechanism to separate a payload from the rocket

The picture explains

Please contribute to this challenge...

for those who contribute will be given video footage of the challenge and a certificate send by email.

It will also be a fun thing to do!

Step 3: Re entry and Delayed parachutes

Picture of Re entry and Delayed parachutes
For this bit of the challenge I need the payload to drop to earth from apogee for about 1-2 second before deploying the parachute.

I want this to happen because it will be a bit of recreation from the mars rover re-entry.

Further more in the movie created your name will be in the credits.
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hedzup4563 years ago
i know how you could have a 'bracing system'.

ok, you have two bottles, one smaller, connected by elastic bands., which are taught when normal, but take the shock off impacts ect
oh, wait, nevermind....two years late....oops

lol 4 for me

aryan23jain4 years ago
i did a project on water rocket..made the model and mathematical formulations and simulation using matlab...and i did experiments too with different amount of water and averying was superb ...any chance i can contribute that i can get certificate or something :)
oscarthompson (author) 5 years ago
The contest has ended. I will probably have the certificates and video to you by early to mid September
Any videos of the flights available yet?
oscarthompson (author)  air.command5 years ago
Yes, on step seven... I will hope to get an youtube acount in the near future so I can post a lot more there. Thanks for your website, its brilliant. I would also like to thank you for the polaron' series of rockets.. which i have begun to make... on my other instructable 'professional water rocket guide'.


You have uploaded a Windows Movie Maker project instead of an actual video file. I can't view it because the project is looking for the original files. Other than that, awesome project!
sorry, i thought i had done "save to my computer" as an AVI. I will change it now
oscarthompson (author) 5 years ago
I will put the video up on the instructable this afternoon as the email provider won't let me send it... For people in America that might be tomorrow Thanks oscar
Kaiven5 years ago
I could so do this. I mean.. I have done this before!
oscarthompson (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
Cool if you want to join the group just go to
Ah... but that's the thing. When is the deadline? Idk how soon I will be able to work on this.
oscarthompson (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
I deeply sorry but your email doesn't seem to work? It has worked with the other contributers but there was a failure with yours. Is it that you email provider can't take attachments? thanks Oscar
o.O? I don't know.... I use yahoo. I use attachments all the time... which email did I give you? (PM me, don't reply as a comment so people can't see my email)
oscarthompson (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
25th august
dpr5 years ago
why dont u just go out and BUY a rocket much more eaiser and less trouble to build and there are ones with payloads that u can put stuff in.
oscarthompson (author)  dpr5 years ago
Because the is instructables were you make things plus it's probaky cheaper to make a water rocket and i dought the rockets that you buy are water rockets
yea but arn't u a pyromaniac haha no but seriously it only like 20 dollars for a rocketthat does wat ur asking for.
kld435 dpr5 years ago
dude ur not getting the point. the point of doing all of this is the fun of building and launching it. not buying one in the store.
dpr kld4355 years ago
Ok watever just shut up about it hes already built it its just the way people prefer thing i personally want a store bought item that is not jerry riged not saying that oscarthompsson's rocket is its just i really dont want a rocket that i have to make outta scrach k got it?
oscarthompson (author)  dpr5 years ago
Not for the payload I'm trying to carry
wat r u trying to carry
oscarthompson (author)  dpr5 years ago
rc car about 7 cm long 4 cm wide parachute attimeter and a camera
Y it seems pointless go outside and go mountainbiking.
oscarthompson (author)  dpr5 years ago
It's for fun
its too much work and no offence it seems lame
oscarthompson (author)  dpr5 years ago
I've all ready got half of the things sorted out
Oh well then do it idk
shofgh5 years ago
can you add parachute?
oscarthompson (author)  shofgh5 years ago
What do you mean?
I have an instructable, with the problem of trying to escape the gravity of Mars after landing Astronauts there, for them to return to Earth after their mission has finished . There is also docking problems etc . I was going to turn water into Hydrogen and Oxygen for Space Flight .Go to this Instructable :
oscarthompson (author) 5 years ago
Genisis II..... on launch pad
oscarthompson (author) 5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Oh no I missed it! Oh well I hope you have fun any way.
oscarthompson (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Well if you have a design I will consider it. And even if it doesn't get used you will still get all the things mentioned in the intro
Ahh, thank you but I do not have a design but I was thinking something up, but it might take more thought. Thank you for the consideration though.
Dr.Paj5 years ago
As for a recovery system, there are a few tried methods. My favorite method is the "squashed balloon" method. It is simple and will most likely work.

Here's a link to a site with the method demonstrated

Basically how it works is that the pressure from the rocket holds the end cap on tightly, so tight in fact that the air filled balloon that is placed between the end cap and the rocket is squished and doesnt move the cap off of the top of the rocket. In order for the cap to be pushed off of the rocket, the rocket must expend all of its air and water (becoming less compressed and leaving the rocket with a slightly smaller diameter).

Now this is where the balloon comes in handy. The balloon continues to push with the same force as it did before the launch, but the difference is the pressure between the end cap and the rocket. The balloon (hopefully) will push the end cap off at the time the rocket is at the top of its path.

It's a little difficult to explain, but the site that I have linked has a nice animation showing what happens along with a more in depth explanation. It even shows how to make the rocket (which I doubt will be helpful on instructables). Hope this has helped spark some ideas.
oscarthompson (author)  Dr.Paj5 years ago
Thanks i just read through all of it.... What im confused about is that surely the end cap/nose conewould blow off durig pressurisation. I ether not got it or theres a bit im missing? Thanks Oscar
The nose cap is nearly the same size as the rocket, so the balloon wouldn't "pop" it off, it would slowly slide off the top. Also the balloon isn't completely filled so it is extremely easy to smash together (to the point of being unable to break it by stepping on it.
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