Picture of Water Rocket Project
This project was considered the final project and final grade in our physics class. Our project was to build a water rocket that will launch and keep a tennis ball in the air for 30 seconds. Our job was to build the rocket and keep the tennis ball in the air without it hitting the ground. Unfortunately it was a lot harder then it seemed. It took us about 4 trials before we were able to successfully keep the tennis ball in the air.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials used to build our rocket successfully:
1) 3 2-Liter Bottles
2) Tennis Ball
3) Garbage Bag
4) Cardboard Fins
5) String
6) Duct Tape
7) Paper Towel Tube
8) Water

Step 2: Model 1

Picture of Model 1
Our first model was a very simple model. All we did was fill a 2 liter bottle half way with water and put cardboard fins on the bottom. We didn't try and put the parachute and tennis ball on this rocket because if this rocket did not work there would be no point in putting on the parachute. We just wanted to make sure our rocket would actually work before we added any new materials to make the tennis ball stay in the air. Unsuccessful. =(

Step 3: Model 2

Picture of Model 2
Now that we knew our rocket would launch we needed to add more materials in order to make the tennis ball stay in the air. We built a parachute made out of a large garbage bag and attached string to the outside. These strings are then attached inside of the tennis ball to attach it to the parachute. The problem with this is we had no way of attaching the parachute to the rocket. My colleague Matthew decided that we would need a cone at the top of our rocket in order for the parachute to launch. The cone was made out of a styrofoam cup. The parachute was stuffed inside of the cup and the cup was then rested on top of the rocket ready for launch. Unsuccessful. =(

Did you take any video of your launches? If so please post one or two. I'd love to see your chute deploy. My sons and I have launched several water rockets but never tried a parachute. We also have not attempted using 2 bottles together. Maybe this summer we will give it a go.
Good job on your project!
Atomman6 years ago
Very Bad.. Needs user made images. F-
how do u make the launcher??? it doesn't make sence. >:(
beehard444 years ago
should be an 'ible, not a show and tell. you can use a slideshow for that. Also, add ur own pics
nathan7335 years ago
not good.