Picture of Water Rocket Release Mechanism
Water rockets are loads of fun to experiment with.
The following instructable shows the construction and use of a zip tie based release mechanism.

Materials needed:

Length of fluorescent tube protector (source TAP plastics)

Zip ties, enough for the circumference of the launcher

Duct tape

The photos should make the construction steps clear.

This is my first instructable. All work creating this instructable was done on my Android device.

Step 1: Water Rocket Launcher, Rocket,

Picture of Water Rocket Launcher, Rocket,

scristian2 years ago
love it. It's simple and effective
Hey i made one of these. I got it off youtube. I think it was your video. Good job! It works great!
NTT2 years ago
very clever.
BraxtonS4 months ago

What is the orange-red part that appears to act as a seal?

7417414527 months ago

very very good very good

altomic8 months ago

wow, what a simple but super effect release mechanism. fantastic.

tmorris152 years ago
looks like you get wet with that early design, i would suggest building a stand and have a pulley system to release the sheath. good Instructable, i might try this with my kids.
monterreymachito (author) 2 years ago
Thank you all for the compliments. I give credit to the community for fostering my creativity.
I'm using this release mechanism in my show, i never had a failure, also at 7 bar of pressure.
Attention a bottle explosion can be dangerous, always whear ear protection and safety glasses.
Try the bottle resistance with a bottle full of water, a bottle half empty make more damage
i have used the exact same mechanism before, i can say for sure it works if done right, which yours obviously is. NIce work!
rimar20002 years ago
monterreymachito (author) 2 years ago
I'm not able to update the instructable video is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Yctt09rr3c&feature=youtube_gdata_player