In this instructable i would demonstrate to all of you how i have built a launching pad for water rocket and at the same time how i have built my first water rocket. For building it i paid attention to:
1 safety for my kids (the bottle can be painful on face),
2 build a launching pad with materials found in woodshed and garage of a country house.

The materials used are:
(2) wooden pieces 10x10 cm (sz)
(1) 15x1,8 cm (sz)
(1) easel

The measures are approximate they depend on materials that you will find in your garage.  The important thing is the final result: launching pad must  force the rocket to follow a trajectory how to the video's shows:

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To make my rocket i used recycled materials and simple tools:
- Plastic bottle
- Electrical tape
- Bottle cork
- Cutter
- Scissors
- Air pump
- Soccer ball plug valve
- And a DRILL (sorry i don't have a photo!)

Certainly better than the two bricks I use...
lacked a instuctable on the launching pad
very nice simple design, but i wouldn't aim it a t a car like in the video.
Thank you ilpug, it is simple and safe

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